11 thoughts on ““snow is like sex

    • Welcome …. !!!!! The last two years we had only snow for about a week total … and have really been longing for it. It makes the landscape so soft and the long dark days so much brighter and the kids and dogs … will have a good time. Glad that you like our Scandinavian authors … we have many good ones. *smile

  1. We had our first bit of snow today but it didn’t last long or amount to very much. Our temperatures are finally where they should be. As much as I enjoyed the milder temperatures in November I really liked walking in the crisp cold air we experienced yesterday. Bring on the snow. I’m ready!

    • Carol, we hav e fantastic winter day … with snow and blue sky. Really cripsy day. I like those days too. We haven’t had any real winter for 2 seasons now … so I hope this will be on. I’m ready too. *smile Hope everything is okay with you and your husband, how is he doing?????

      • Thanks for asking Viveka. He finally got an appointment with a psychiatrist to help him with his depression. The new pills seem to help him sleep better and longer but he still seems to lack energy during the day. It’s still early days so I hope that will change as well. Other than that his doctors are pleased with his test results. I think the new baby in the family has helped somewhat with his mood. You can’t help but be happy when you’re around her.

      • Carol, so glad that things are lighting up for him and you. Depression is a tough thing to deal with … and also treat. Have a friend that needs a psychiatrist and the waiting times are so long.
        So happy that the test results are
        good. I thik you’re right about the new family member … a little baby makes everyone feel good.

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