27 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – the colors of the rainbow

  1. I KNEW you’d find it, under the pillow! 🙂 🙂
    I just popped in to wish you happy Summer Solstice! I know it’s a big celebration in Sweden but one that you tend to avoid. Hugs, darlin’.

    • I had forgotten that there was a new topic, I had still last week’s in the back on my head. Really like this one, but you know I’m all for colors. Yes, Midsummer’s Day today … the weather is bloody awful the whole Midsummer weekend … but now the sun is trying it’s best. I have always posted something about Midsummer, but the weather didn’t get me into the right mood. Rain and wind. Hate it!

    • I’m not a lover of snakes, but the this green … I really like. I saw my first one in New Orleans … I would have liked to taken a photo straight on, but I wasn’t able too. Such a beautiful snake and it’s harmless.

      • Snakes are given a bad rep, not all of them are venomous and even if they attack is out of defense, They truly have intricate features 🙂

      • They just hanged a big snake around my neck … without any notice – and I hadn’t even touched the snake before. I fainted. And the rest of the trip I felt mentally ill. Don’t understand how they could do something like that on a 10 year old kid.

      • .. if he only had let me touch the snake and be a bit familiar with it before .. I probably would agreed, but without any warning. So I had a bit of phobia for many years, a lot better now … still I wouldn’t have a snake as my pet. *smile

    • A-C, if it’s any comfort to you …. not much better here. Yesterday afternoon was nice for a couple of hours. I suppose you’re still in Scotland or are you back home????

      • Switzerland, beautiful … I hope the weather will be better there. Enjoy and we talk after Switzerland. Going to Warsaw on 17th. And going to Gothenburg Friday and then Skagen 3 nights. I really hope the sun out to then.

      • Wow, me too … and I lived in Gothenburg most of my adult life and worked for Stena, how wired and sad is that?????!!!! I’m going to Gdansk in the end of Sept. 4 nights, flying … interest??? Staying at a chic hostel with private showers …. and breakfast.

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