100ml (3.4oz) of magic

Up to a month ago I didn’t know anything about these magic, the Argan oil.
It was through my blogging sister, Suzanne@the travelbunny post about when she visits some women in Morocco that are producing this oil. After reading her post I just had to go and check out the product on the net … and there were loads to read about this oil. 

Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree (Argania spinosa L.), endemic to Morocco, that is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties. It is also known in cosmetic use as moroccan oil. You will find out everything about the making of the oil on Suzanne’s post: Tighanimine women’s fairtrade argan-oil-cooperative

Then I checked out prices for Sweden and it was a bit pricey, but my fragrances cost a lot more. Decided to buy something, but didn’t order at the time. 2 days later was I at my hairdresser and after wash and cut she put a very small of the oil in my hair and straight away I felt how soft it became.

My hair has never been the same since my chemo treatments – I never lost all my hair, because of the way they gave me the chemo … but it lost is gloss and always looked dry. No life to it what so ever. I have tried so many products for hair treatments – but nothing changed.

I decided that I will leave my hairdresser with oil, but she didn’t have any in stock, she gave me a little 5ml tester tube. Well at home I went on eBay.uk to have a look for it … and there were loads and nearly for half price.
I found a seller that one of her customers had tested her product and she got a very good right up. So I ordered a bottle with spray.

argan oil 1

My hair has become so manageable, shiny and soft plus it has got volume and my hair color has deepen.. Only give one of the hand palms a light spray and I work it through my towel dried hair – after that I take my styling products. It’s truly magical. Also the hair dries much quicker with the oil … less than half the time.

Now I also use it with my moisturizer – a light spray in the hand palm and then I put my moisturizer in my hand palm too – mix it together and then it goes in my face and neck. I have always been blessed with very good skin completion, but I have notice that when I use it my cheeks go nicely pink and my wrinkles around the mouth has become much softer.

The biggest effect beside my hair I notice on my hands … I do the same there … before I use my hand cream. I have very dry hands, because of my hands more or less always been in wate, working as chef … and during my years in UK I also had to use hand sanitizer after washing hands, like on hospitals, and that dries out the hands too. My hands have become so much softer and skin more elastic.

argan oil

If there is something negative about the oil, is it the smell … it doesn’t smell that great, but the smell doesn’t last very long. And it taste terrible!!!! It happens that I get some moisturizer on my lips – and I don’t feel it at once, so I forget to swipe it off – gosh, it taste lethal and it stays in the month for hours. Like today.
But please, don’t let that put you off from using it, only be careful.

Because this is true magic … be careful when you buy, there is many faked products – buy organic and if possible also Fair Trade. You can also buy hair and skin products that already have Argan oil as main ingredient. I will stick with mixing myself and the bottle seams to last forever – such small amounts are needed at the time.

I also ordered another bottle for a good friend of mine … his hand palms are so cracked. And after one week of using the oil on it’s own – his hands has started to heal. They were is such bad state. That is magic.

I paid for 100ml (3.7oz) £14.00/€16.60/$21.20/SEK142.20 with postage include, UK to Sweden.

Thank you so much, Suzanne – for introducing me to this little miracle.

“There is no magic.
There is only knowledge,
more or less hidden.”
Gene Wolfe

Photos provided and thanks to:
Argan gallery: arganoilintl.com/wikipedia.org/arganyaz.com

50 thoughts on “100ml (3.4oz) of magic

  1. I am happy that you found a product that brings your hair back to life. Hair is a woman’s pride and joy. But also for the skin, wow, this is fantastic, but the taste is awful????? please don’t eat anymore Vivi. Go to the ice box and get a carrot to munch on. LOL

    • Terry, I know … after last time, I’m careful with wiping the lips after put some with my moisturizer. And it has worked and I don’t want to stop using it, because it makes a difference.

  2. My husband bought some several years ago – it was supposed to make people younger…I didn’t really give it a chance then…because of the smell.I’ll try it on my hair instead! Thank you for sharing!

    • Ann-Christine, of course you should use it … also over night on your hands, it truly makes a difference and the smell don’t last very long.
      Put it towel dried hair .. and also to dry the hair goes much quicker too.

  3. I have a soy renewal treatment for my hair that contains Argan Oil from Morocco in it…I love how it makes my hair feel. It’s a product from a company called Sexy Hair and it’s actually called Soy Renewal. It smoothes, moisturizes, defrizzes, and adds shine to my hair. I highly recommend it, however, it is expensive. $14.95 for a 4.2 fl. oz. bottle. But it does last a long time, my hairdresser states to only use about the size of a dime after you shampoo and condition your hair. The smell is fabulous! Another plus to it is that it speeds up the drying time. I have naturally curly hair so I usually just let mine air dry and it really does help!

    You can find it here…http://www.sexyhair.com/products/healthysoy/index.aspx?p=eed3ded9-75ed-4788-895d-603b73babafb

    I like the fact that the kind you purchased helps with the skin…it’s amazing what the little oil can do!

    • Jannay, I forgotten to say that the hair dry much quicker too .. so I have to add that now. It’s a fantastic product – and for me this i magic, because of nearly 3 years of dry and life less hair. Plus my hair color has intense too.
      Thanks for the link, a product that I can’t buy in Sweden, but in UK and I’m going to NYC in a couple of months.

      • Yes, I will look for the product, but I’m happy with the oil on its own – and I get so much more out of it and its pure, no other chemicals put in with it.
        I have looked up that diet supplement you wrote about – we have it over here, but so much cheaper in UK – so I will buy it over there.

    • Most of chemo patients lose their hair and when it grows out it becomes very soft and curly – but unmanageable, so this oil is a blessing … truly. What a difference it has made to my hair and my hands.

  4. Hi Viveka (blogging sister!) – I’m so glad you found some Argan Oil in Sweden and that it helps your hair and skin too! Thank you for mentioning my post in your post too 🙂 I use the oil mixed with my conditioner and a little on towel dried hair before blow drying. I also use it on my face before bed as a moisturiser as there are lots of good vitamins in it. There is a culinary oil too where the nuts are roasted before pressing – hopefully that tastes much nicer..!

    • My pleasure .. because if I hadn’t read you post I would have walk around here on earth not knowing about the little miracle. It’s fantastic – normally I don’t buy stuff like that – there is so much things out there that will change our life, but does nothing. It must have been your post that made the oil talk to me .. and of course at the hair dresser, where I felt the difference straight away. Amazing feeling.
      Thank you so much.

  5. Must show this to my wife who is complaining about the same problem with her hair after the chemo… I will see if I can find some for her…

    • Wendy, I could feel the difference straight away at the hair dresser – seconds after she had worked it through my hair. And it doesn’t make the hair heavy or oily … it feels so soft and the gloss it gives the hair.

    • Yes, I know that there is a oil for cooking too – that taste and smell less. Haven’t seen it the supermarket yet. You should try your daughters hair oil – I couldn’t believe what happen to my hair straight away. Worth every penny and also the hair dries on 1/3 of the time with using hair dryer.

  6. Happy to read you have found something that works so well for you! I feel similarly about Almond Oil. I don’t use it in my hair but I use it as a moisturizer for my body and sometimes my face. I love it.

    • Have never heard about almond oil for hair .. used olive oil for my hair many years ago. Almond oil for skin and face I knew about.
      This Argan oil is truly magic on the hair .. never seen anything like it. I felt so soon she had worked it through my hair.
      I wish you both a wonderful weekend.

  7. So excited to see this, Viveka- I actually won the prize and Suze has just posted it to me today. I was in Poland when the results came out. What a “pick-me-up” for my return home. Can’t wait to try it on my wrinkles. So glad you’ve found it a help with your hair. (I promise not to drink any, no matter how tempted I am) 🙂

    • Wow, congratulation – so happy it was you …. you will love it. Was going to ask her who the winner was. Never used anything like it .. never tried ready products for skin or hair, just buy the oil and mix it myself with the creams I have.
      Pure magic … I promise.

  8. I bought a bottle of this stuff only just last week! Looking forward to using it more, now. Interesting stuff, Viveka.

    • I never met a product like this before – that really makes a difference straight away.
      I hope of all my heart that you will have the same results as my hair and hands has got.

  9. I’ve heard a lot about Moroccan Argan Oil but I’ve never used it before. I know what you mean about hand sanitisers and water drying your hands out though… I work in a hospital and have to use the stuff every day, multiple times. I think my hands have aged significantly in the past 7 years of using sanitiser!!! I’ll have to try this oil. It truly does sound lovely! xx

    • Laura, we had to have constant sanitiser on – that meant 3-4 times per hour – and it’s alcohol in it – so soon we had hands in water we had to apply it again, and it dries out the hands – no doubt about it. I wish I knew about this oil while I worked. It’s a truly great product – I hard rave about beauty products, because not one I have tried has been that great or promised what they saying. This does. Get it for your hands, take it on while going to work and for the night.

      • I will, definitely. It sounds like a fantastic product; if it saves my hands from getting old before their time I will carry it everywhere! Thanks for the tip lovely. I’ll let you know when I buy it! xx

      • Yes, please keep my posted – you can always have a small bottle in your handbag – and take it on so often you feel for it. You know that hands and neck tells our real age. *smile

  10. INice post, Viveka. Seems to be the latest craze and it works. I got by accident this argan oil from Garnier for my hair and is using that in place of the usual conditioner. My hair feels better to the touch, not greasy as the conditioner does at times. 😉

    • Malou, it’s just like you’re saying – what difference it makes to the hair. And my hands. I don’t rinse oil out from the hair.

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