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Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge – “The Red Mill” – is a famous entertainment venues in the Place Blanche in Montmartre in Paris. Right near the metro station Blanche.

At the Moulin Rouge, which was founded in 1889, beating cancan breakthrough. One of the dancers, known as La Goulue, was painted by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Have been twice to Moulin Rouge – and I love it … it’s naughty – it’s fun – it’s bold – it’s lush – it’s vibrant and it’s expensive. For me this is very much culture. …. fun culture and it’s timeless.

In 2009 when I last was in Paris – Moulin Rouge had it’s 120 anniversary, when the photos are taken, but we went to Lido instead.

And of course we have the movie “Moulin Rouge” from 2001 with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. One of my top 10 favorite movies, can’t say how many times I seen it – a what I would call a cult-movie.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn
is just to love and be loved in return.”
Qoute “Moulin Rouge” (2001)

moulin rouge sign

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Featured image provided by and thanks to: sotskova.com

49 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – culture

    • We can’t manage to do all in one visit. It’s a great place – but a tourist trap *smile … but after all when visiting Paris, we all are tourists. Trap or not .. love it. Next time, I’m sure !!!

  1. My first time in the Moulin Rouge was in 2011, I loved the place, I haven’t watched the movie tho. I heard bad things about it, but I’ve never gave a chance, this weekend I have no plans so I may watch it.
    Love the tune!

    • The tune … is the best Can-Can tune ever and I think the only one I know – no, there is 2 Danish too. Was thinking of chose something from the “Moulin Rouge” soundtrack, but this track won in the long run – the film is very wired and it mixes modern tunes with old.
      It’s a movie that you neither hate or love. I have the hots for Ewan and had for years. Great soundtrack.

  2. I’ve never been there, but want to go. My sister-in-law took my brother there some time ago as an anniversary present and he got food poisoning there… not a really happy experience 😉 But he said it was quite cool there, apart from him being sick as a bat 😉 xo

    • oops, there is no country in Europe that has so many food poisoning cases as France has. But looking into a fridge at a French restaurant – will give you nightmares *smile – better not knowing. It’s a terrific place, so next time … go there, much more fun than Lido.

  3. A great response to the challenge Viveka, it is so interesting seeing what people do.
    There was a doco here a few years ago about some Australian girls that went to Paris to audition for the Moulin Rouge and who got in and how they learned the Can Can, it was really interesting.

    • Yes, I notice today that .. I have really a lot of likes and good comments one the post.
      I just think its something that is happy and cheerful – that makes us happy .. we can still enjoy it today.
      Tough job to be working at Moulin Rouge and Lido – not a job for everybody and the selection is tough.
      I have seen a program about the auditions at Lido and they put a pen under the girls breasts – if it stayed they were out. *smile Nothing for me .. to even think about.

  4. Great photo! I loved the movie “Moulin Rouge” too. That is how I discovered Alessandro Safina….swoon.

    • I know .. you have told me that before – many wouldn’t call this culture – but dance, film, food and drinking is the oldest cultures we have. And to be merry. *smile And of course the lightly dressed beautiful girls. *smile

  5. “Love is a many spendor thing, all you need is Love’ I can see why we now get on so well, we both share the same movie as one of our top 10…. So looking forward to how Baz Luhrmann does the Great Gatsby

    • And I have … watched 1/2 a Star War film … it was the one where they got married in the end and the war was on *smile
      Could it been IV ???
      Caught in TV … it’s was okay .. a bit too much flying .. and fighting with those colorful swords .. but I’m hooked yet.
      I’m sure that Baz will do something fantastic out of it – have lately become a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio – not everything he has done, but he has really grown on me. 10th of May it opens in US.

  6. Neat interpretation Viveka, and perfect cloud accompaniment too.
    We went on our first trip over two decades ago, but skipped it on our last in 2008. Shall make it a point to revisit this July 🙂

  7. I’ve been to Paris a few times, but unfortunately was not able to go here. Perhaps another time if I get the opportunity.
    Cool interpretation for the challenge!

    • Thank you so much …. Moulin Rouge is culture in Paris – but it was that I wanted to think outside the box. And I’m a big lover of color .. and a red mill makes you happy through only looking at it.

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