magic mushrooms and ….. a hug square

When I left my mum last Wednesday (a week ago) to go back home, don’t want to miss my Zumba Class every Wednesday evening  … I had decided not to take any photos. As I reached the station on the other side of the track I saw all those mushrooms and I just had to catch them with my camera.
The grass was full of them – and I have to take the photo over the security fence. My camera liked what it saw.

Had to refill my travel card and I don’t use the ticket machines for that – after they emptied my card a year ago …. when I refilled on Copenhagen Airport, the machine had been scanned or what ever it’s called. Got all my money back from the bank. So neither I do over the travel centres or online. So I went into the station and there was laying a petition … they have plans to shot Simrishamn station down in March next year. That means no waiting rooms or toilets for waiting customers and no over counter service – with so many elderly people in Simrishamn that will mean disaster more or less. No every pensioner has computer or cash cards. Terrible and so of course I put my name down. I love that personal connection too – don’t get with my bank anymore, because they don’t carry any money – so I like it when I travel.

Notice as I entered the station that the station had got some new art outside on the pavement – very colorful and arty. A “Kram Ruta” = a hug square … I suppose that if we are going to hug anyone at the station we have to do it in on that arty section. Very fun and I love it … or maybe anyone that wants a hug step into the “square” and people will hug you, great idea … *laughter – so long they are sober they can hug me .. so much as they want. I think there isn’t “hug squares” enough in our world. Not really a Swedish thing – but maybe we are changing slowly. We, Swedes, are very reserved and love to keep a distance. I hope that every station in Skåne will get a “kram ruta”.

Also found the summers last wild flowers – the little purple flower that I think has given the colour to our trains, the “pågatågen”. Don’t have clue what its call (have figured out over the net that it belongs to the Geranium-family, I think its Geranium pyrenaicum – in Sweden called Skuggnäva ) …  its so pretty, fragile and tiny. A couple dandelions were in bloom in with the mushrooms.

Tried to find a song about mushrooms .. but they was terrible to listen to. We would need to have a couple of magic mushrooms in us to understand those songs. So I have chosen my favourite Zumba track, “Baila Pa Emociona” (calypso) – just love this happy music … and it make me feel good to body and soul.

“A hug is a great gift – one size fits all,
and it’s easy to exchange”

Who is Victoria Benedictsson ????

Victoria Mary Benedictsson,  in 1850 in the village of Domme Wife Alstads parish (now the town of  Trelleborg), died in 1888 in Copenhagen by suicide, was a Swedish author and playwright. She wrote her novels under the male pseudonym Ernst Ahlgren. 1882 fell  Benedictsson ill in a bone disease and was bedridden. During the period of illness she developed her writing and in 1884 she made her debut with the short story collection “Från Skåne”. (Skåne is the name on our county).
1880s she went to Copenhagen, where she attracted the attention of the powerful Danish literary critic Georg Brandes. Their unhappy love affair 1886-1888, was probably one of the reasons that Victoria committed suicide. Other contributing factors to her decision may have been her poverty and loneliness and not least her concern for her writing.
Her suicide, using a razor, inspired August Strindberg to the completion of his drama “Miss Julie”.

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29 thoughts on “magic mushrooms and ….. a hug square

  1. I love true, genuine hugs! I’ve read somewhere that a person needs at least 6 hugs each day. Doesn’t matter, I just love hugs 🙂

    That’s a variety of mushrooms. I enlarged each photo, really interesting.

    • Yes, hugs … I don’t think we can get enough of them really. Must have read the same article as you. Love the though behind a hug square – kram ruta. The mushroms were so beautiful in the sunshine, great subjects for my little camera. Thanks so much for you kind words.

    • yes, lets get more hug sqaurs .. *smile – I wouldn’t eat those mushrooms .. it would be a very painful couple of days on a hospital. *smile – they where so beautiful – but often so that danger looks beautiful.

  2. I love the idea of a ‘kram ruta’… a hug square… how special is that?!!! Viveka, I loved your photos of the mushrooms. I used to grow Shiitake mushrooms in logs that were cut 4 feet, they were stacked up so that I could pick them easily. Everybody loved them … I would give them away. I should have grown little button mushrooms, they are my favorite… :)))) It was amazing to see so many Shiitake mushrooms after a rain. I love to read and see the photos you take to make your words come alive. Love, Gloria/Granny Gee

    • Grow your own mushrooms .. what an idea .. never heard about that. Of course we can grow anything if we really want to .. when it’s about vegetables. You have to keep them in the dark .. I guess.

      • Viveka, the Shiitake mushrooms don’t have to be in the dark. Once the spawn is injected into the little holes that are drilled into the logs… one seals it up with beeswax…. later after the rain, one will see lots of mushrooms popping out! It was special!

      • One day I would like to grow button mushrooms which are the little mushrooms one gets in restaurants here in the USA…. they have to be grown inside in the dark…. and I think so much more is involved in growing them. They are my favorite ones.

    • Jo, I’m not a mushroom expert, but I know that they are too magical to be good for me. Also I couldn’t climb that security fence. *smile Nice to have you back .. missed you.

    • Yes, I know … and in little Simrishamn on top .. don’t know how that happen. Nice thing and it makes people smile when they see it. Not seen anyone hugging inside .. but I only seen it once. Will check this weekend.

  3. changes are inevitable no matter where we live, but i wish they would leave things alone that are definitely working! the saying is don’t fix what isn’t broken

    • No, I didn’t try it out … first time I saw it. I don’t think much will happen if I step into it. It looked like most people avoided it – because it so colorful and pretty – will step in when I visit mum next time. Totally agree there should be hug squares everywhere, they make you smile when you see them.
      Yes, the mushrooms came out very good – maybe because I was on distance or hanging over the fence. I really like those shots. It was a glories day too. Thanks for your kind words.

  4. What a great idea about the hugs, Viveka. I’m kind of a mush pot of a person so that’s right up my alley. A couple of good hugs start my day off on the right foot. What wonderful pics. You have a real sense of balance and color in your photography. Lovely.

    • Susan, you so kind – yes, let us get more hug square. I will step into it next time I visit Simrishamn – to see what happens.
      Everybody is taken photos of pumpkins, leaves and trees just now – but I haven’t seen any mushrooms. Like to be first .. *laughter. Really pleased with the mushroom photos.

  5. Great mushroom photos and intense little bio at the end.
    I can say the northern Germans are not very warm and fuzzy folk. But it was funny the last time I went into the bank for something, they had a guy in a big mouse costume coming up to customers poking some fun and little hugging gestures. It made me giggle and actually almost tear up as I realized how much I miss the light comments and interaction with people when I’m there.
    We do have lovely friends in Hamburg – don’t get me wrong. It’s just the day to day banter is lacking for me. Partly because I don’t have the language down enough for that.

    • Wendy, Germans are not famous for their interaction neither and especially not in the North.
      They can be even rude at times in their behavior. Sweden are very reserved, but I think it’s slowly changing because of the multi culture we have today with immigrants from all over the world. I hope so. We need to lighten up a bit. So the hug square can be a milestone at least in Simrishamn – haven’t seen anyone using it. A mousse on a bank that is a giant leap. Banks are so strict in Germany. I hope you got your mousse hug.

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