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in somebody’s private home

#14 – on my gems list

Le Clef des Champs
Rue de Rollebeek, 23
1000 Brussels, Belgium
(2) 512 11 93

€€ – French

My most memorable meal …. Lightly smoked bacon hook on red lentils – and it was in 1992

We found this romantic and intimate resturant by mistake on one of the back streets behind Grand Place.
In 1992 it had a decoration all in yellow and white. Madame very sweet and welcoming. Her husband – a big man who are very talent chef. Later found out that he always are a painter and his art is the décor of the small restaurant. You will get more of feeling that you’re in somebody’s private home and not in a big city restaurant.

A fantastic evening .. with the greatest food and still after all those years I can still sense the sell of that bacon hook. It was presented in a clay pot and when I lifted that lid – my god!!! Aroma from heaven.
Have been eating many dishes … all over the world, but this dish is the only one I still can sense when thinking about it.

The owner’s such a lovely couple and they made our evening there very special.

In the 2004 in may I went back … happy to see that Madame where still there, but the husband where at home. It was lovely to be back … the bacon hook wasn’t on the menu, but we had a lovely meal – can’t remember what we had. To be honest I had expected a little bit more of the menu, a lot (I guess) was that I couldn’t have the “Bacon Hook”. *smile

They have been awarded as Toptable Dining Awards 2010 – Runner Up: Best International Venue. Recommend this – set menus from €33 – 60, 3 courses … it’s a gem.

photos provided by: clefdeschamps.be