the world’s happy dancing

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”
Martha Graham

… the best dance videos ever!!!!

“Jerusalema” with Master KG is in my book the happiest song just now …. it really hard to sit still *smile – It makes my days very cheerful and I play it 24/7 – my poor neighbours.

In this video are people from all over the world dancing to it – the worlds biggest flash mob dance challenge. A lot more to be found about the challenge on YouTube from all over the world.

The second video is Ambulance and Rescue services of Örnsköldsvik, up in the North of Sweden, it must have been at least -20C/-4F.

Please take a break from your COVID-19 existence …. enjoy and feel good. Why not do your own moves – get the blood going !!!

“Jerusalem, my home.
Rescue me,
Join me,
Don’t leave me here!

My place is not here,
My kingdom is not here,
Rescue me!
Come with me!

Save me, save me, save me,
Don’t leave me here,
Save me, save me, save me,
Don’t leave me here!”


17 thoughts on “the world’s happy dancing

  1. 🙂 This is so amazing!
    Austrian Airlines did a Jerusalema dance a little while ago, amazing! And Thursday I saw colleagues dance on the intranet of the company I work for. What a fun challenge!
    Stay safe, dear Wivi!
    Many duvet hugs! xo 🙂

    • Hi there Dia, I have posted the Austrians video on FB – it’s brilliant. I think it is such a brilliant idea … I have passed it on to my old job. They have staff all over the world … and they normally have a lot of funny things going on as adverts with the staff involved. Stay safe you too … hopefully, I can book my ticket soon DuvetHug here too. *smile

    • You are so right … this is pure happiness, did you see the Zumba version. Such a great thing to unit the world during the COVID-19. I’m addicted to the song. HAPPYHUGS!!!!!

      • Yes, of course … the COVID!!!! Yes we can do the moves at home. My sorry ass is really sorry, Jo … and been for nearly 6 weeks now, don’t know if I’m coming or going at times. High on lucky pills.

      • I wondered because you haven’t posted much, but I know you are enjoying the Photography Challenge. I haven’t followed, Vivi, but I’m glad you’ve found something to capture your imagination. Miserable for you, darlin 😦

      • My feet are gone worst, they need to travel. I’m not interested in walking around here is Landskrona – my feet needs adventure. *laughing.

  2. I knew nothing whatsoever about the Jerusalema Challenge . . . and, yes, you have brought a smile on my lips . . . oh, dancing for me has always been a relaxation, a demonstration of inner feelings whether watching ballet, classical or modern, in the theatre or flirting with a partner on a dance floor or moving around alone in my home environment to a melody, a rhythm playing on tape with no eyes watching 🙂 ~ Lovely to see your post drop in . . . your days should be lengthening and temperatures thinking of spring . . . light and warmth will make many matters better . . .

  3. Yes, what would life be without music and movement. I do the same thing …. do my own moves behind my close doors … but it had been summer not I would dance in our backyard. I think it’s such a fantastic event … that a song from Africa get more or less the whole world do moves. Thank you so much for your kind words and support. I will try to post a little more, but my “sorry ass” doesn’t play along. Seeing another doctor in weeks to come.
    Yes, after a week with chill … do we have spring temperatures now. But I think the chill will come back.

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