lens-artists photo challenge #110 – what a treat

“You have to treat yourself every once in a while,
get to the fun stuff!”
Heidi Klum

Tina … want me to figure out what a treat is to me. Not difficult for me to say … but who will I translate it into images, my own images.

A treat to me is to be healthy … to live in and with freedom … to be able to speak my mind …  be loved for who I’m with my faults and advantages.

A treat for me is also to have fresh water, electricity and be able to live a comfortable home

A treat is also my good friends … and be able to spend time with them.

Don’t have a lot of good friends, but the ones I have … are of high quality and to them belongs Ann Christin@LEYA and her husband Lars.

Ann Christin and I have been talking about doing a day out to Denmark and Copenhagen, but Denmark can make their mind up if we Swedes are allowed into the country and not. We day we can and the next we can’t- of course because of the COVID-19. So it has been hard to plane something. Then Ann Christine came up with the idea for us to visit a “local” art centre which is located 1-hour drive from their place in Vinslöv.

So we decided to give ourselves the treat to meet up  … and visit the centre in the company of one of Ann Christin friend.

It became a very early start for me .. because I had to take the train from Landskrona and it means that I have to change train, but it was a fantastic morning with bright sunshine … and with the mist laying over the landscape. We really had the sun on our backs for the whole day.

“Treat yourself as if you were someone inexpressibly dear to you.”
Agapi Stassinopoulos

Ann Christin had arranged for us to have a guided tour and our guide was one of the owners and driving forces behind the centre Teresa Holmberg, she didn’t come free … but she was worth every krona.

Ifö Center is a new, artist-run cultural centre at Lake Ivö in Bromölla, Sweden. The project has a total of 4,500m2 (48,000 square feet) in an old ceramics factory and has opened up the previously closed industrial area of ​​the factory for culture and tourism. The collective builds everything itself and organizes courses, workshops and guided tours.

“Treat the world the way you want to be treated.”
Mike Tyson

Using the factory’s outer walls, a world-class outdoor gallery is growing with works by internationally renowned street artists.

We were too late with getting inside the factory … so there were none of the working artists left. But we had a good tour through all the various workshops and had plenty of time looking at their art.

One of the workshops belongs to the young Swedish artist Sebastian Blomqvist (27) that work is paper – his famous horses have become world-famous,  recycled paper becomes classic art.

In all the softness that of paper and ceramic …. this amazing metal piece caught our eyes. 

We met knitted and pipped ceramic art. 

… and the amazing dramatic light all through the building was very hard for Oscar and me to resist!!! 

“No need to explain all; pure heart always understands.”
Sonal Takalkar

and nature also created some AWESOME art!

…. before we left Bromölla where the factory is located we made a visit to the town’s famous fountain that is under restoration by the centre – Scanisaurus – It is composed of around 3,000 parts of moulded ceramics, manufactured at Iföverken’s development department and mounted on a frame of reinforced concrete, built by the Swedish artist Gunnar Nylund and inaugurated in 1971.

… and before we went back in the car we went to the little grill restaurant just beside fountain … and had a double portion of their hot dogs with mash potato …  just another treat. 

Ann Christin was taking her friend home … so that meant I could catch a train in Hässleholm instead … and it shorted my journey a bit. 

Both I and my feet were worn out as I got on the train. Oscar had a field-day … his first adventure for nearly 3 month (been on repair) … and he was in his best mood and working like brand new. 

So that is also a treat. 

Couldn’t ask for a more perfect treat. God, I needed it so badly – the best cure I had for months.  

“Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always.”





34 thoughts on “lens-artists photo challenge #110 – what a treat

    • Loisa, Ann Christin and I always have great days together … home and away and I hope it stays that way. We are now talking about doing the Carnaval de Nice in 2022. Thanks for you lovely comment.

  1. Thanks so much for introducing me to Ifö Center. We’ll be getting there for a visit at some point. Oscar outdid himself for his first outing. Wow, is that a paper Skanetrafiken ticket? We can’t get them here. It’s use the app or walk…

    • Yes, I don’t have a smartphone as you can see … so I have to buy my ticket in the machines or at Pressbyrån. I prefer Pressbyrå. Yes, Oscar was in a brilliant mood … clicking away as he was just out of the box. *smile
      I really recommend the centre … but if you don’t book a guided tour you’re not coming inside. We should have been there two hours earlier because then the artists had gone home when we reached the inside. The guide is brilliant. The price depends on how many you are … we were and then they put it out on their FB profile telling people that there was a guided tour 2pm. So we only had to pay 250kr each. We were about 10 I think in total. It was a really good day.

  2. Although I loved seeing more of the Center and its contents, the treat for me was feeling how happy you and Oscar were to get out and spend time with friends. That’s an unbeatable treat! ❤


    • Janet, I have loads of images … but this is really the big view … then there were details, that I will use another time. It became a fantastic day .. and the weather was just perfect. A TREAT!!! Thank you so much for your support.

  3. Viveka – we had a treat all of us that day, I believe! Much needed this Corona tired year… But the tour was reeeeally long even if it was highly interesting. So glad we could finally meet up again – with or without kartoffelkager, we had a great day in the land of beautiful art. And Oscar and you are together again! The unseparable, invincible couple! I cannot use a day in better company. ♥

    • Yes, A-C … just what we need. To get out of the house and do something together … but the weather was so good to us. No, they didn’t have kartoffelkager for the VIP “fika”, but Denmark will happening soon and there is always interesting things going on over the bridge. There will be cakes waiting for us. A-C, it was just enough of everything … but I was so tired the next day and my feet was begging for mercy. They did a good job. *smile Thank you both .. for a AWESOME TREAT!!!!

  4. The happiness shines out of you when you write about this. The museum looks fascinating but you know my favourite photo? The window to the outside 🙂 🙂 Lovely to be able to spend some girl time with Ann Christine. Much needed!

    • Jo, it was a fantastic day – we all needed a day like so badly … Oscar too. *smile. A-C and I are always behind … because we both are working the camera to the max. It was a pity that none of the artists was there in their workshops, but our guide was excellent – not a dull moment, even if the day became long. EveningHug!

  5. Viveka, I knew you would find a wonderful way to respond to the challenge but this one was so extraordinary! The art looks fascinating and how lucky you are to spend the day with a good friend – especially our own Ann-Christine!! Thoroughly enjoyed your post, thanks!

    • A hearty thanks for your lovely comment, Tina. Yes, it was a day out that we all needed badly and it turned out so well, but A-C always has a great time when we meet up, with or without Lars. Oscar was happy to get out too.

  6. Vivi – a warm hello and thank you from the other side of the world ! I have always loved your posts for all the quotes to which I can so relate . . . those I can perchance meet elsewhere . . . but I just love to be able to learn about places like The Center I would hardly have gotten to know were it not for you . . . loved the journey ‘out of my armchair; 🙂 !!

    • Eha, so glad you joined us on our tour. A pleasure to share my day .. with you. I suppose we have loads of hidden gem … I didn’t know about this centre until Ann Christin suggested it. We also visit a castle/manor every summer that has art all over their grounds .. out in the forest. Fantastic place to visit. Great in those days to be able to enjoy art outdoors. I love street art.

    • Carol, sorry to read about your tough time … I really hope that you will get a pleasant time away and the the weather will be on your side … looking forward to you report. *smile – please be careful out there.

  7. Oh, I’m so pleased you posted this, Vivi- Ann Christine told me about your day out. it’s a place I would LOVE to see, but not a place I would manage now. So I have to enjoy your photos…

  8. I always love reading about you and Ann-Christine’s trips. It is so nice seeing bloggers being friends in real life. That paper horse looks fantastic, and the artist so talented. Great way to spend the day with friends and art.

    • Mabel, thank you so much for your kind comment … yes, Ann Christine and I always have a great time together, home and away. It was a fantastic day .. so lucky with the weather too. IFÖ Center is an amazing place with fantastic artists and their work, both inside and outside. *smile

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