welcome home

“It’s a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes.
Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same.
You realized what’s changed is you.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

… yesterday I collected Oscar!!!! He has been gone since the beginning of July … and he has been missed. I haven’t been the same without him.

It cost me a bit of money €250, he has been cleaned … got a new lens and display.

Hopefully, we will get another 6 years together.

Oscar, let us get ready for new adventures home & away!

“Ain’t life a trip? ready or not, it’s gonna not going continue without you….”

12 thoughts on “welcome home

  1. I can see you smiling from here ! It seems an awfully long time since Oscar left to be made new again . . . enjoy as we shall enjoy what the two of you produce. Have been working super-long hours . . . are you on Instagram at all ’cause I seem o be having wonderful lightning conversations with many there . . .still have not had the chance to rediscover your email either . . . it will happen . . . 🙂 !!!

    • Hi there, my email address you find just under my picture on a comment … in the comment section. Instagram = NO! I’m on FB and have this blog that is more than enough. May I ask what you are working as? Maybe you already have told me, but I have forgotten in that case. Sorry. Have a nice weekend, Eha!

      • A complicated mix, most of it non-remunerative . . . am in over a dozen market survey coys, part-time three unis, many i’national and domestic panels and committees, multi-cultural TV stations, Cycling Australia, animal welfare orgs, Global Partnership for educating Third World children etc et al . . . . mostly delightful but wish there were more ways to earn . . .Woman, age, rural Ha !

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