come fly with us

… another time

Now my head is spinning … because I have so many airlines ticket on hold with different airlines … so I am close to losing it.

LOT Polish outlines 2020 growth strategy – Business Traveller

“If God wanted us to fly, He would have given us tickets.”
Mel Brooks

LOT = 1.Tibilisi that has been booked twice already, first in March and then now in October (cancelled) – reservation on hold with the airlines for rebooking. Plan to go on October 2021

2. Poznan in December cancelled 5 days ago … I have to go for a voucher.

Austrian Airlines - Picture of Austrian Airlines - Tripadvisor

“There are only two emotions in a plane: boredom and terror.”
Orson Welles

Austrian Airlines = 1. Vienna was supposed to happen in June – booking on hold with the airline for rebooking.

German airline Lufthansa to cut 22,000 jobs amid Covid-19 downturn

“There is no flying without wings.”
French Proverb

Lufthansa = 1. The voucher received + €50 bonus voucher for Baku,  Azerbaijan in December – partly used up for flights to Porto over Christmas, which departure times were slightly changed yesterday.

2. Ticket to Viliunus in March 2021 – cancelled yesterday and should be refunded at the end of October.

Resor med flygbolaget SAS till Italien

“Just because there are flaws in aircraft design
that doesn’t mean flying carpets exist.”
Ben Goldacre

The ticket for Vilnius I have now booked with SAS instead, have a concert booked so I have to go.!!!!

Pegasus Airlines to Helsinki - Visit Alanya

“Running an airline is the most difficult job in the world.
Racing was more dangerous for my life.”
Niki Lauda

Pegasus Airlines = 1. Istanbul was supposed to happen in 10 days – have invested in an open ticket, so hopefully, we can take off in May 2021

“I put my phone in flight mode, but it’s not flying!”

In all honesty, I feel so sorry for the airlines … but it’s not easy to be a Globetrotter just now neither.

I hope I don’t forget the deadlines for the tickets that are on hold with the airlines and I don’t hope any of them goes bankrupt. that would mean I wouldn’t get any money back for vouchers or hold bookings. My lost account will not be able to carry that.

So, guys, we are in this together!!! Keep those big birds up there and hopefully, we will meet during 2021. Until then I will be flying without wings.

“Flying dreams mean that you’re doing the right thing with your life.”
Douglas Coupland

16 thoughts on “come fly with us

    • Jo, it’s what it’s …. and least I have loads of adventures to look forward to … hopefully they will happens. All we can do … is wait and be careful with ourselves and others. *smile

  1. I feel your pain, Vivi. I’m missing my trip to France this year but fortunately didn’t have tickets booked. I may either buy a ticket from Southwest with plans to reschedule for free sometime in the future or buy stock. 🙂 My next trips, probably to southern California and at some point back to Illinois, will be by car, so no pressure there.


    • Tina, today Lufthansa made a mess of my booking when they changed departure times – 3 hours in the phone .. change dates on the flights – our apartments .. what a carry-on, but we got in the end. Hopefully, the booking is final now.
      Illinois _CHICAGO!!! LOOoOOOOOve! I like Southern California, only once in the late 80s… nice. San Diego, very nice. Sounds really nice … smart thing to do spend the holidays at home. I’m sure you will a great time .. and very relaxed, even if driving can be frustrating.

      • Sounds very frustrating, Vivi. I happen to enjoy driving, so I’m looking forward to going back to visit friends and then I have the van and don’t have to rent a car or depend on someone else for transportation.


  2. OMG, Vivi ! I have to laugh at dear Orson Welles ! I live in Australia and I have always had a flight phobia !!! I travel; to get there . . . ! You will have a wonderful time ‘catching up’ when matters change !!! And they will ! What concert in Vilnius are you hoping to catch ?? I have to laugh in a different way – I am a road cycling fanatic as you may have gathered. Most of the stuff in European spring was postponed . . . well, now EVERYTHING is ‘on’ at the same time . . . we watch it at night, SO . . . !!!

  3. You are (or were scheduled to be) a busy traveler. What exciting tours you have on your agenda.
    Having traveled the globe for over 30 years for business and some pleasure, I’m not excited at all to be flying. But, I do understand your frustration. We do most of our travel via train and auto, but even that’s challenging just now. But, things will improve.

    • Yes, today another mess up by Lufthansa … took 4 hours to get right. Hopefully that will be the last of it. *laughing. I love travel by train or bus … I don’t drive, after an accident 48 years ago. Never went behind the wheel again. I’m looking forward to travel now … to see how it works, so far they haven’t found any connection with flying and spread of virus aboard a plane. Maybe it’s because we are sitting with the back to each other. CNN talked about the other day. It’s more the airports how is high risk areas. I travelled to in my work .. both in air and at sea … flying is getting more frustrating to deal with. Need at least 2 hours before departure at check in .. then the queues. But love the people watching at the airports after security checks is passed. Ron, I think it’s getting worst and worst when it comes to flying. I loved the Eurostar … London – Paris or Brussel … fantastic.!!! NO hassle.

      • Those were the days indeed. I remember my first PanAm flight from NYC to London in the 70s. It was a wonderful experience, but those nice flying times slowly faded away.

      • That was quite a few years … since I flew PanAm too, London – NYC … it has changed a lot. Last time I did that route was in 2013 and with BA … and the crew didn’t want to be aboard – not smile nothing. BA between CPH -LHW was so friendly and nice. I must say that Emirates service and standard is top class. Lufthansa … not bad and I like Norwegian as budget. Otherwise the service has gone down even if slowly.

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