no faked news

“The reason it hurts so much to be separated is that our souls are connected. ”
Nicholas Sparks

I handed in Oscar for repairs 1st of July and I haven’t heard anything from the shop, so I phoned them this morning.

They told me that they had left a message on my mobile 17th of July????!!! He can be fixed to a price of 2800SEK/£243/$323/€272!!!!

my Oscar

Nearly so much as I paid for him in 2014 (got him during a good deal), but he is worth every Swedish krona.

He will get a new lens, a new display and a good clean.


Been so worried about him … have really missed my teammate. I think that is the reason why I haven’t been motivated for the last months.

We had great 6,5 years together and we have shared some amazing adventures.

The last time we spent time together was when we visit Wanås Castle together with Ann-Christin@LEYA and he wasn’t feeling that great. He delivered but he was protesting. 

I don’t know when he will be back home … but the sooner the better, but until then I can live with that he is being fixed.


Sometimes broken things deserve to be repaired.”

10 thoughts on “no faked news

    • Ron, so am I … I’m a bit upset that I missed the message from the shop, because then he had be home already, but it’s what it’s. Otherwise I was strongly considering put in an offer on yours, because I love that camera. Don’t want any newer model.

  1. Just think how happy you’ll be when he gets home. Remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or in France during the time of Impressionism: absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. 🙂


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