lens-artists photo challenge #112 – pick a word

Ann-Christine really got the grey cells to work today.

Great and fun theme/topic.  Her post is wonderful (as always) … she has stuck to the theme; nature.

As usual, will I be all over the place!!!!! I have chosen to go with all words.


Queen Boutique Hotel – Kraków, Poland 2017


“Luxury must be comfortable,
otherwise, it is not luxury.”
Coco Chanel

Sofiero Palace – Helsingborg, Sweden 2016


“It’s not that the grass is greener on the other side,
it’s that you can never be on both sides of the lawn at the same time.”
Laura Fraser

Fanø Internationale Dragefestival – Fanø, Denmark 2018


“If you get all tangled up, just tango on.”
Al Pacino

Istiklal Caddesi (probably one of the busiest streets in the world up to 3 million visitors per day) – Istanbul 2019


“One is no one, two is a company, three is a crowd, four is a fair.”

Batailles de Fleurs, Carneval de Nice 2019 – Nice, France


“Exuberance is better than taste.”
Gustave Flaubert


21 thoughts on “lens-artists photo challenge #112 – pick a word

  1. Wow Viveka – exuberant all of them! The first and the last one are my favorites – That hotel shot could well be in their broshure and the festival in Nice…you could remake their PR campaign!

    • A-C, you’re such a sweetheart. Thanks for your kind comment. That hotel was something special – everything about it. Pure indulgence. The Nice Carnaval, I just love it. Will not do it next year, because of that I have the concert in Vilnius in March … but if I’m able too I will go back to Nice in 2022. I just love everything about that Carnaval .. most because the city doesn’t feel crowdy and in between the parade there is so much else to see and do. Like the lemon festival in Menton and the medieval villages. Great food and so far fantastic weather.

      • Hopefully Nice will still be there in 2022, Viveka. If possible I would love to tag along. But it lies in the future. So much will have to work along the road. I feel the world is turning a bit too fast for me. Or maybe I am just getting old…

      • Of course Nice is there !!!! And of course you should tag along. We are all getting older, but if the world are turning too fast … we have to turn the other direction. It can slow us down, but it’s not going to stop us yet. *smile

  2. You know Viveka, I always feel that the image I’m looking at is my favorite, and then I go to the next one…..and on….and on….and on. As always, all wonderful. Maybe I’d have to choose your final image as my favorite but ooh la la, such a difficult choice! Loved your quotes as well.

    • Tina, thank you so much for your lovely comment and for your faithful support. means a lot to me. That image from the Nice Carnaval is one of my all-time favourites, that guy did it or me.

    • Amy, thanks for your faithful support … that guy at the Carnaval he were sparkling. He was there this year too, but I didn’t get a good shot of him, all dressed in white and looking like an angel. He danced away on his stilts as I do in my socks. But he was sparkling.

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