dance with your heart

…. and your feet will follow

Yesterday evening I came across this awesome video on YouTube – just have to share.

What I understand isn’t this a dance group as such.  It looks like it is very well-known international young dancers that are performing together for this video, “20 years in rhythm around the world”. They have all been performing in the famous Riverdance dance company at some point.

The front dancer Shane McAvinchey is one of the artistic directors for American Company of Irish Dance, a not-for-profit professional dance company located in Milwaukee,

(There are 2 dance sections in the video – so watch to the end.)

Shane McAvinchey (Ireland)
Benjamin Windborg Larsen (Norway) – also model.
Tomas O Se (Ireland) – also soccer player
Ciara Callanan-Ryan (Ireland)
Amy Louise Hunt (Germany)
Dinara Mustafina (Russia)
Maciej Mikolaj Skwarek (Poland)
Alexander Kukharenko (Russia)
Sergey Nazarov (Russia)

Music by Yoan Marin.

“Keep your head high
your kicks higher”



20 thoughts on “dance with your heart

    • Anne, my pleasure … I think it’s a very well done video … very stylish and still show the Irish dancing. Plus excellent dancer. I tell you their knee and feet get some beating, but they make as you said … look so effortless. Thank you so very much for visiting.

    • Dia, my pleasure … this is really worth sharing. So stylish and impressive. I wish they were a group because I would have booked tickets straight away. AfternoonHug

    • I did react the same way when I came across the video. One of the best dance videos I have seen – the cinematography, the music, the suits and the dancers. The company that made is based in Rumania. FAB job.

  1. The moment this began I could sense your thoughts going back to all your years in Ireland . . . and I am still smiling . . . Tap-dance would and could not have been part of me even in my younger years . . . dear Father up above forgot to provide that talent, but, like most, watched Riverdance in the beginning and enjoyed . . . towards the end some of the joy seemed to be lost . . . best . . . (an ‘travelling’ with my beloved Tour de France until end of September and may not be by too often . . ). _

  2. I like Irish dancing when it’s performed in a way like this. I love Riverdance, but it’s hard to take a whole show of it. What I understand is the young dancers here contemporary dancers and classical skilled. So I would have enjoyed a show with them if they showed all their skills. But I think this video is awesomely done … and I love the music. I’m not a bigger fan of Irish folk music. Not a fan of Swedish either. *smile

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