lens-artists photo challenge #111 – everyday objects

Patti, this time … you made me put on the thinking cap. Love the theme/topic.

Bags are for me the most everyday object for me. And I have far too many.

“My biggest fear is that when I die,
my husband will sell all my bags
for what I told him they cost.”

The rich and poor relative !!!! My lovely friend Claudia@Happyface313 in Vienna she loves her LV bags (they are all the real thing) … here together with my very new friend Suri Frey (German designer) bag, bought the day before at TK Maxx at Mariahilfer Str. 77. They both met up at Schlosspark Schönbrunn- April 2018
“Who needs a handbag? I put my money in my bra.”
Neneh Cherry

This bag is Oscar’s best friend, a Robin Ruth bag – they have traveled together since 2015. I had some Yen over when I was leaving Japan and because of the security check at Helsinki airport I couldn’t spend them on a good bottle of Sake, they would have taken it off me before boarding the flight to Copenhagen. Thank God for the lovely girl in the Tax-Free shop that made me aware of it. Then I saw this bag and it has become one of my best buys ever. Loads of pockets on the outside all that Oscar need for a perfect day out and spacious inside for my needs. This is on the beach out in Foz outside Porto -June 2018

“When it comes to doing my job,
I keep my ego in my handbag.”
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

This is my favourite summer bag, it has been travelling a lot here at home and Denmark. I love navy and white for the summer … this is a cheap and cheerful bag from JustFab. It doesn’t have pocket enough to make it for my international travel. This image if from Skagen Grenen Beach in Denmark, where the 2 oceans meet (Baltic Sea and the North Sea), one of the few unique places in the world where that happens – June 2015

“Behind every successful woman is a Fabulous handbag”

My Mulberry toilette bag that goes with me everywhere …. hardly ever leave the house without. After my cancer operation, and they removed all my female parts … my bladder has moved and that has resulted in that I suffer today of server urinary incontinence. Which means I need at least 5 pads and an extra pair of knickers for a day out. Very difficult to live with, but as Mr President said; “It’s what it’s”. They can’t do anything for me (have to live with it) then provide me with free Tena Pads. This the most important bag in my life and very much an everyday object.

“The voices told me to buy this bag”

This bag is no longer with me … bought at Nordström Rack in Seattle. I had been looking at it at one of their shops in Chicago, but couldn’t make my mind up just then. But when I saw it again a couple of days later in Seattle I told the bag that it’s coming with me to Sweden. This bag I wore to pieces – the best bag I ever had for travel to take aboard the flights. All in leather, can’t remember that brand .. but it cost me $65 in 2012. Had cost £145. Nordström Rack shops … my favourite US shop up there with Walgreens – July 2012

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #111: Everyday Objects

41 thoughts on “lens-artists photo challenge #111 – everyday objects

  1. 🙂 Oh, dear Wivi,
    I remember only too well! What a lovely day we had. Lots of walking, lots of weddings that you photographed and then cake and ice cream in two different places.
    Too bad Corona has stopped you from being able to visit me this year. But it’s only postponed and not over for good, yes?
    I hope you are doing well?!
    Many hugs and a big kiss
    Claudia xo 🙂

  2. Dia …. yes, that was a great day …. as all our days together are. Only not enough of them. I’m planning to come to Vienna in the beginning of June next year. Starting off with spending time with you … so you will get the honour of picking up me at the airport. Nothing booked yet, waiting for Carol’s mum to make up here mind when she wants to visit them. BigBAGHug.

    • Thank you so much, Amy., Patti created a fun playground this week. *smile. It was standing between shoes or bags for this post. – I love that quote too.

  3. Excellent choice for the challenge as always Viveka! Love your bags, my favorite is the navy and white – also my favorite colors for summer. And your quotes are wonderfully apt as well. As for me, I can no longer carry a big bag as it annoys my shoulders so I tend to wear things with pockets and load them up LOL. Didn’t realize your bladder issues – good for you for taking the “grin and bear it” approach. Far better than the other alternatives my friend!

    • Tina, thank you so much for your support … the bladder problem is getting to me nearly every day, but not much can be done. But it is a massive issue for me, but as with the COVID-19 has to live with and around it. *smile
      I have very rarely worn any bags on my shoulder … that is why my big bags have short handles. *laughing. To wear bags over the shoulder do massive damage very soon. Also they have never stayed up properly … so that has been annoying. That navy & white bag I love it, but it’s not very good for much. Bought it only for it’s looks. *smile But for a day out with Oscar … we can both live it it. Tina, thanks again for your support and cheering on.

      • I’m sure it doesn’t feel this way Viveka, but there are so many worse alternatives – I love that you continue to smile through it all. One would never know you have a problem in the world!

      • Tina, I know … I’m still here. For people close to me I can’t hide my issues., that all more or less are aftermath from my cancer treatments. Because they slow me down those days and limited me, but it they haven’t stopped me. Thank you so much for your comfort.

  4. I love this post, Vivi. I laughed out loud at several points. The quotes (including Trump’s) are priceless. And your obsession with handbags is wonderful. I also admire your attitude towards your bladder issues. You’re right. Why let that stop you from doing things and enjoying life!

    • Patti, thank you so much for cheering me on! I need that. Everything is the attitude. Somebody told me a couple of years ago that we all have the same choice in the morning if we are going to have a great day or not so great day. If we decide to have a great day and not so great things happen we handle them in a lot better way.

  5. No, not bags for me – I am the annoying person who seems to need to put the kitchen sink into seasonally coloured utilitarian carry-alls with the odd pretty one awaiting in the wings for romantic evening rendezvous ! BUT, do not talk about shoes !!! In the olden days I would be the first behind the shop door when the new season’s beauties arrived ! Have grown more reasonable living rurally . . . actually there are some quite fun flatties available these days . . . ! . . .

  6. You and Cathy at Wanderessence are probably the greatest shoppers I know, but it’s scarves for her(and anything else she can fit in her luggage 🙂 ) and bags and shoes for you. You are a very classy lady, Vivi, with the best sense of humour.

    • Girlfriend, thank you so much … classy lady???!!!!! Maybe 15 years ago. I need the scarves to match too *laughing. It’s getting more and more difficult to get everything that matches into the suitcase those days because the Tena pads take a lot of places and weight. When I visit Japan I had an extra bag with only Tena pads, because they don’t have the “size” I need in local brands. Soon I have to wear them on my feet too. *laughing

  7. Viveka – I will always love you…♥ This is a wonderful post – as expected! You do have some lovely bags – and I was a “baglady” (!) too once. But that was 40 years ago. Then I turned into a backpack/rucksack lover. I don’t know how many I own…but at least ten. Big and small.
    I must agree it is hard to find the spirit again to blog, but the challenges keep me going. So glad you are joining in – and with cheerful results! The quotes really made me smile too – the one with the husband selling her handbags made me both laugh and cry.

    Lady, you are a great role model. See you in Poznan if things go my way! But then there is Copenhagen…

    • A-C, I love that quote. So funny … of course Poznan will happen. If not the ice sculptures – it’s a beautiful city and the old town is pretty. Just to get away for a couple of days. That is how I look at it.
      I have so many bags, I could have a different every day for at least 2 months. Can’t help myself. *laughing
      Yes, I don’t know why it’s so difficult to sit down and be creative. Have a load of things I could write about. I think Copenhagen should come up now in September!!! We need to get out of the house for a day.
      Now the weather is more pleasant. Thank you so much for the kind words .. about me. Landed straight in my software *smile

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