lens-artists weekly photo challenge #108 – sanctuary

“Forests may be gorgeous but there is nothing more alive
then a tree that learns how to grow in a cemetery.”
Andrea Gibson

A cemetery is a sanctuary to me.  It gives me calmness and comfort.

I love to walk around reading the stones … enjoying the calmness, bird song and see how the light plays with the greenery.

Also, it gives me beauty.

Even when I was a child … I found comfort in visiting my grandfather’s grave, took my bike and off I went without telling anyone. I walked around and read the headstones … wondering over who the person was and had been .. behind the name.

But I also find sanctuary in my music … here I’m able to combine the two.

Xenia is the guest blogger this week for the challenge – and she has chosen a wonderful theme/topic – a sanctuary.

Xenia … thanks for a beautiful playground.

“The cemetery is full of indispensable people.”
Winston Churchill

Those of you that know me …  also know that I’m not a believer as such … not religious, but I still have I belives and they lais with those that do a difference to the other just now.

Like all the hospital staff all over the world who are fighting to save lives just now.

“Fly me up
To where you are
Beyond the distant star
I wish upon tonight
To see you smile
If only for awhile
To know you’re there
A breath away’s not far
To where you are”
Linda Thompson

My images are all from Poland: Warsaw, Łódź and Szczecin.

“The only place where you can find equality is in the cemetery. ”
Evan Esar

As cloud for this post have I chosen Pastoral suite (Pastoralsvit), for chamber orchestra, Op. 19 (1938) by the Swedish composer Lars-Erik Larsson (1908 – 1986).

Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #108: Sanctuary

33 thoughts on “lens-artists weekly photo challenge #108 – sanctuary

  1. A beautiful post and stunning images Viveka. The light is wonderful and adds to the sacred feel of the cemeteries, the closeness that can exist between life in this world and the next. Thank you so much for sharing 💜

    • Xenia, I have always found cemeteries as sanctuary … even as a child. I often took my bike and visit my grandpa’s grave and I walked around reading the headstones. There is always a special light playing with the trees at a cemetery, don’t know why … maybe it’s only me. I love that … the closeness between world. Thanks for a beautiful theme and your lovely comment. Good luck. You’re going to be a busy lady this week.

  2. Viveka – what a beautiful interpretation of the theme. I love the thought of you walking through the quiet of the cemetery thinking of those who perhaps have not been visited in their afterlife. Your images, of course, are wonderful as are your quotes. A wonderful tribute to the quiet of those who are no longer with us.

    • Tina, thank you so much for the lovely comment – landed in my software. Those days far too many people around the world don’t even get a gravestone, even if I don’t hope we need one to be remembered. The Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw nature has completely taken over … and it’s so stunningly beautiful. There is still grave that is visited, but not many.

      • I remember feeling that way a I visited a cemetery in Budapest. Many of the stones had fallen into disrepair and clearly had not seen a visitor in quite a while. It was quiet and beautiful just the same.

      • Tina … one thing is for sure, we will always return to be earth one day. And that to let nature embrace our resting place … is quite a comfortable beautiful and comforting thought. Personally I hope that my ashes will return to sea.

  3. There is a cemetery in Beaufort, North Carolina, where a soldier was buried standing up – on duty still. Goes back a long way. When we lived in NC we had a graveyard right next door which had originally been a slave burial place and that too went back a long way. It was not really in use any more.

    • Jo, very interesting – I have heard about the Beaufort. Yes, cemeteries have different stories to tell … and that is also why I like to visit them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Vivi, what a lovely post……”The Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw nature has completely taken over … and it’s so stunningly beautiful”….I completely agree

  5. 🙂 Beautiful photos and lovely words, dear Wivi!
    Just been to a cemetery today – and wondered who all those people were…
    Many hugs and lots of these
    xoxoxoxo 🙂

    • Thank you, Dia … yes, there is some stories to be told at a cemetery. Looking at June for next year. Do a stopover with you first and then take the train up in the mountains. 4-12th June, but nothing booked yet. ONMyWayHug. *smile

    • John, thank you so much … I think that a cemetery is more of a sanctuary than any other place. *smile .. it gives loads of time for reflection too. Always very nice when you pop over, John.

    • John, thank you so much … I think that a cemetery is more of a sanctuary than any other place. *smile .. it gives loads of time for reflection too. Always very nice when you pop over, John.

  6. Dear Viveka, I very much enjoyed your post. Your images are beautiful and really do the cemetery justice. I often photograph at a most often deserted cemetery, and I find a great deal of peace and beauty there. Well, except for that one time, my husband was abused by a lady because he was taking photos. She felt it rather inappropriate and this incident has left its scars. I was moved to tears by the Lars Erik Larsson piece. Thank you for introducing it to me.

    • Thank you so much for your visit and your lovely comment. So sorry to read about your experience with the lady. There is always somebody. So glad you like Lars Erik Larsson, we only have a couple of classical composers, but the rest world knows very little about them. Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, Lars Erik Larsson and Johan Helmich Roman. So when I have a chance I use their music. This one of my favourite, such a beautiful piece.

  7. And I am with you, Viveka – walking there lifts my soul – a true sanctuary. So beautiful images, so many beautiful memories of feeling at peace. Thank you for taking me there again.

  8. As a child, we lived next to a church, with a cemetery. First rule: don’t ever run there, children! But then, the excitement to read all names, count how old (or young) people were when they died. This post resonates, Viveka, both in words and images. Beautiful!

    • Gunilla, thank you so much … the same as I did as a child and still do when I walk around at a cemetery. In Poland, they have so many stories to tell. So sad .. but still so comfortable … that they tell the stories we should never forget.

  9. what lovely sanctuary Viveka. a cemetery is truly a sacred space. it is tranquil and provides a reverent connection with our dearly departed. very spiritual.

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