a sunset is

… the sun’s fiery kiss to the night. 
Crystal Woods

Today I think we had the nicest of all summer days so far this year. Not a cloud on the sky … and a lovely breeze.

Didn’t do anything special, a girlfriend of mine came over at noon and we sat for hours at the backyard … just talking and having our picnic.

The picnic nothing special .. just coffee and a couple of sandwiches.

In the evening enjoyed my dinner out on the balcony in gassing sunshine … after dinner, I spent a SPA hour on my feet out there and with my music on the highest volume in the kitchen.

The balcony is entered from the kitchen, so I don’t think I disturbed my neighbours that much.

When I was all done with clearing up after cooking and the pedicure, the sun was disappearing behind my neighbour’s houses into stunning beautiful clouds.

I made myself a P&T (Portwine & Tonic) to celebrate the day. Just sat and soaked up the pleasant evening that slowly started to fall.

What a fantastic ending on the most wonderful summer day.

Just one of those things… that makes life so special.

… and tomorrow we will have the grey sky back.

“The sun always shines above the clouds.”
Paul F. Davis

12 thoughts on “a sunset is

    • Thanks, Amy … I had to use my little compact (Hulda) because Oscar isn’t feeling very good and away to be fixed (I hope). She did a good job, but the objects weren’t hard to capture.

  1. Your magical summer nights pass far too quickly, but how lovely for the light to stay on for so long . . . you hit the right note with the Chopin . . . . hope the sleep following came full and sweet . . .

    • Eha, one of my favourite piano piece … and especially when Chad Lawson is playing it. Thank,s the night has been calm … could have been sweeter. *smile

    • Janaline, yes it was a perfect summer day … I don’t like mine too hot and I want a nice breeze. The evening was soft and gentle. A hearty thank you.

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