every day is a good day

… but some are just a little better than others.  A quote by Jeff Garthwaite.

That how I can sum up my day with A-C (Ann Christine) at Wanås Castle. Not only a little better … A LOT BETTER!!!

She posted the other day … the most beautiful post about our fantastic day together and our friendship, Thursday Thoughts – Friends.

Going to be hard to follow !!!

We have made it to a yearly tradition to spend a day … at the beautiful setting around Wanås Castle and it’s outdoor art.

Last year we waited a bit too long … and went in August … and day to hot for comfort, so this year we decided to do in the early days of the summer and we got the most pleasant day with sunshine, blue sky and the right amount of heat and this year we were in the company of a very handsome young man on 4 legs, Totti.

The COVID-19 has really changed things around, even at Wanås. The nice restaurant was closed and only a little cafe was open … we use to start with a great lunch, but we started off with a nice Wanås version of Danish Smørrebrød.

Also, they only had one artist, Kimsooja, on display this year, normally there is up to 4 different, but she really filled up with fun and interesting art.

Kimsooja (1957) is a South Korean, multi-disciplinary conceptual artist based in New York, Paris, and Seoul.  Her practice combines performance, film, photo, and site-specific installation using textile, light, and sound.

The most interesting pieces were her  “A Laundry Field” with hundred of white linen sheets hanging out in amongst the high park trees. Just breathtakingly beautiful.

… the other piece was “To Breathe” which consists of a floor that reflects the surroundings and shows the roof structure that rises like a cathedral with a maximum point 14 meters up. On the mirror floor, she gives space to the viewer to step in, up, to become part of the artwork.

I tried to walk over the floor, but it made me seasick because I’m afraid of heights even if I knew it was a floor with mirrors – I just couldn’t do it … but A-C no problem … and later on some very nice visitors acted as models for us.

Every time we visit Wanås we spend some time with the Yoko Ono wishing apple trees and read people’s wish tags. The tags are picked every year and buried in an actual wishing well situated somewhere on grounds of the “Imagine Peace Tower” in Island.

My pick of tag this year … is this one – “I wish that those who smoke had their own country”

All over the park is there stationary art that has been donated to Wanås … and every year is the fun to play around with them and enjoy the surroundings they are displayed in.

It wasn’t always easy to handle Totti or my big striped bag, but nothing we couldn’t handle between us.

The only thing I missed out was that …. soft ice.

A-C, thanks for a fantastic day and the great company that resulted in very sore feet but it became just enough over everything.

Even to get to the station just in time for my train. Had a lot to take in during the 1,5 hours journey back to Landskrona.

Already looking forward to 2021!

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
Soren Kierkegaard

25 thoughts on “every day is a good day

  1. What a fabulous day out you had together! Good to know that this is still possible, and I absolutely love those mirror floor images. Admired Ann Christine’s the other day. 🙂 🙂 Happy Sunday, sweetheart!

    • Yes, Wanås has 90% of their art outside on their grounds … in between trees – they have massive grounds. Yes, the mirrored floor we didn’t really get until I saw a picture somewhere at Wanås where they had people standing on the floor – so we went back and got really good images. Need somebody to stand on the floor to get magic of the whole set up. HappyNewWeekHug to you.

  2. Vivi, what a great day- I have fond memories of visiting Wanås with you and Ann Christine 3 years ago, and would love to be there again!

    • Yes, Eha … I know you would love Wanås … with its stunning surroundings and wacky art out in the fields and forest. We had a fantastic day, but the weather was just perfect too and the company.

  3. Apologies ! Computer playing up ! Loved both expressions of art and the surrounds . . . today’s crazy happenings and fears could not detract !! And shall play the music again . . .

    • No worries …. Wanås is an true escape from the everyday and of course the company gives that extra spice. Reached by the news this morning about the Melbourne Lock-down. Just terrifying how strong the COVID-19 grip has the entire world in and look at the US … looks they have lost control totally in too many states. and nobody seems to take it seriously. Hear about this 41 year old Broadway star that had to amputate his leg do the Covid-19 in April and he just died a couple of days ago, left wife and a 1 year old son Elivs behind him. He was fighting the virus in 95 days. How many does have to go through hell … and die before everybody takes it seriously.

      • Melbourne has shocked the whole nation ! Greatly human error – still many Australians returning from places Asian into 14-day hotel lockdowns. The state gov made a huge error in employing private security firms who were lax . . . let incomers attend large Eid celebrations etc !! The result is self-evident. An economic and mental setback . . . now all the other states are on the lookout. Thank God our medical capabilities are pretty advanced and ready, the police and army are all helping with the tracing . . . we hope and pray . .Unfortunately many incomers regard the police and army as enemies and do not dare co-operate . . . .

      • Eha, you stay … safe and healthy where you are. This virus will make life difficult for a long time or until the vaccine is available. I miss my travel … but it’s what it’s. Hopefully, I will be able to do my revisit to Tbilisi. Thank you for sending Ron over … I really hope that they will do a visit to Wanås.

  4. Hej Viveka, Eha forwarded me your post and I’m so glad she did. We are actually near neighbors as we live in Svalöv. As I mention in my email to Eha, we’ve been looking for COVID safe day trips, so your post on Wana’s was very timely. We will surely be visiting soon.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely day…

    • Ron, fantastic!!! So glad that Eha forwarded my post. Always nice to get to know some new next-door neighbours. Of course, you should visit Wanås. It is such a fantastic place … and all the art is out and about on the grounds and loads of it. Perfect for a day out when it’s not too warm weather, it’s a lot of walking … even if you spend most of your time out in the forest … when it’s very warm it’s tough going. Wanås will love a visit from you. Let me know you think about it. We love it.

  5. From looking your photos and words, it appears that you had a wonderful day at Wanås with your good friend Ann Christine. And how nice that Eha shared your post with Ron so that he can now visit as well. 😊

    • Yes, A-C and I have been visiting Wanås together for a couple of years now … and it has been brilliant day every time, but last year it was far too hot, even in the forest. Yes, it was very nice of Eha to pass my post on to Ron, I really hope he will do the visit. Always great art and because it’s all over the castle ground .. on fields and in the forest is it great those COVID-19 days.

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