lens-artist photo challenge #103 – surprise

I love the topic Ann Christine has given us this week, surprise … but I’m struggling a bit with getting my head around it.

“Let life surprise you”

So I that is what I’m going to do …. share with you  … what has stunned and surprised me personally. I have a lot to choose from … but I haven’t captured everything on to a memory card. Here is a couple I did manage to capture.

“It may be the rooster that does all the crowing
but it’s the hen that delivers the goods.”
Jim Hightower

Had some quality time with me and decided to walk down one of the backstreets from the busy Istiklal Street, Istanbul and there on a ladder sat this good looking fellow. A taxi both pet … so pompous, clam and cool … sitting there  beside a street with manic traffic – December 2019

“Teddy bears don’t need hearts as they are already stuffed with love”

Another pet I met at the excellent fish restaurant on the harbour front – Zafishowani Restaurant in Gdańsk, they served me one of the best cod dishes I ever enjoy – November 2019

“Blessed are they who expect nothing,
for they will be pleasantly surprised.”
Marty Rubin

After having seen a 60-second travel dairy about Tbilisi on CNN – I knew that I have just had to visit and 7 days later I had booked my hotel and 8 weeks later I had my flights. Never has a city surprised me so much and it was mostly down to the people. What an experience and I was booked to spend the Easter this year in Tbilisi, but now put forward to October and I hope I will be able to go as planned. Can’t wait to get on those flights – December 2018

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible;
and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
Francis of Assisi

Visiting Dubai the world’s highest building is a MUST and of course, so is a visit on the 128th floor ( an okay experience), but we didn’t know about was the amazing evening gown the building puts on between 6pm and11pm every evening. Had booked a table out on a terrace to one of the many restaurants around the Dubai fountain and as we sit down the Burj Khalifa started its light show. We were totally taken by surprise and rapt by it all. Never seen anything like it. Just pure magic. Every half hour … and different light show every time. We enjoyed 6 different shows that evening – March 2019

“Sometimes life just calls for an umbrella”

During my visit to Hiroshima did I visit the beautiful Shukkei-en Garden, that you enter through the Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum. Shukkeien has a long history dating back to 1620, just after the completion of Hiroshima Castle. The park was server damaged by the A-bomb, but reopening in 1954. Once a private garden of the Asano family – but donated to the Hiroshima Prefecture in 1940. For me, it was like walking around the garden of Eden, but no snake around. As I was leaving the park I notice a forest of umbrellas. They were protecting the delicate peonies from the strong sun. Most umbrellas had the same colour shade as the flowers they were protecting. Stunning sight … and what a wonderful way to protect. – April 2015


18 thoughts on “lens-artist photo challenge #103 – surprise

  1. Absolutely perfect choices and so beautifully photographed! Love the umbrella protection (which I use in some cases when there is too much raining on certain plants). And I so wish you will make it to Tbilisi!

    • Thanks a million … the umbrellas was such a beautiful sight and peonies were big as dinner plates. So glad I left the garden through that gate because if I had returned back through the museum I had missed them. Also, the entrance to the massive museum and park was free – old enough. *smile Tbilisi, yes I really hope that we will make it. I have changed all my booked and cancelled enough now. Georgia is open for us, it is only if Poland will be – because I fly with LOT and change flight in Warsaw,

  2. Love Marty Rubin and have always, rather naturally in my grown years, lived by his words. Do not expect what you want to be there for your pleasure when you wake . . . be charmed and happy and satisfied if the world agrees with you just some of the time . . . know your place in the vast universe . . .

    • Eha, so true … during my travelling … I always find the gems in my destinations when I haven’t had any expectations. Same in life .. so many people have surprised me in the most wonderful way, because I didn’t expect it. No nothing about Marty Rubin .. have to use Google. I wish you a pleasant weekend.

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