a better idea

Let me introduce you to Lieutenant General Jay B. Silveria how is the twentieth Superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy.

He is qualified as a pilot in command with approximately 4,000 hours in a cockpit. Silveria, called one of the United States Air Force’s most experienced pilots, has flown combat missions over the Balkans and Iraq.

Years of service: 1985 – present. Became Lieutenant General in 2017 and still hold that. Born in 1949.

This is how a leader addresses this issue.

He made a speech in 2017, but it he could have made it today.

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”
 Stephen R. Covey

7 thoughts on “a better idea

    • Yes, he got the job in 2017 … and still have it. He is 71 years old. Fantastic!! Just love this speech. There are many great men in the US that could be brilliant presidents. Another air force man is Gen. David L. Goldfein, Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force. You can see his speech on my FB page. Brilliant video too.

      • He sounds a borne leader with the right values – from this speech at least.
        I went back to see about my comments – been having difficulties lately with them dropping out in cyberspace. Loved your delicate colours – with a comment drop-out. So sorry…
        Wanås waiting – are you well and ready to go?

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