let out from the box

… today I was able to enjoy my first solo dining adventure on my sunshine-filled balcony – the first for 2020.

My season’s first sunshine-filled plate.

But on Saturday will a low pressure arrive from the UK. Say the moment of happiness that will last for a long time??? But I’m sure there will we get more days like today very soon again.

Today it was like be let out of the dark box that has tucked away in the back of the closet for far too long.

I served myself a Lamb Tagine on a Warm Tabbouleh Salad topped with Tzatziki.

Not really a summer dish, but the dish had a lot of colours (recipe will follow, maybe during the low pressure). Didn’t expect that we were getting such a fantastic summer day today. May has been sunny, but the wind has been so cold.

Today it was also a chance for my new Italian orange suede sandal to get out from its box … not really the right shoe for my poor feet, but I’m sure we will get along fine for a couple of hours under a dining table or the 5 min walk to the post office.

We got along fine for 3 hours in the backyard this afternoon while I was soaking up a bit of tan.

And every woman needs a little bling-bling, life is getting a bit more fun with it.

Orange in combination with hot pink and white are my colours this summer.

If I can’t travel this summer … I will make the most of it …. and I will soak myself in colours.

And the lilacs are blooming, even if they are not orange or pink  … is life is pretty good after all, COVID-19 and all … it will be a summer this year too.


“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”
Charles Bowden

17 thoughts on “let out from the box

    • Lola, I’m sure they coming after the low pressure … tomorrow is going to be a sunny day too, but I’m going to visit a friend that is getting cancer treatment. But it will be a great day to travel in. Yes, the sandals are like candy … not very comfortable, but who cares for a couple of hours. *smile

      • Yes, we haven’t seen each other since she started her cancer journey in October last year. But today we spend a couple of hours together out in the beautiful weather. She was the rock during my cancer journey 10 years ago. I will wear mask … and I will use the sanitizer on high and low. Thank you for your caring. Same goes out to you and your dear ones.

    • Amy .. thanks, it was a fantastic day .. mostly beacuse we didn’t expect it … and we have another one today – and I will spend it with one of the best friends that are at the end of her cancer journey, haven’t seen her since October last year.
      A bench in the sunshine outside the hospital … take away coffee and a cream cake … and loads of talking. I have missed her so. So I will have a magical day today too. Sandals has to stay at home, not comfortable enough for today’s adventure.
      Please, stay safe and healthy.

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