i truly hate ignorance

… today I was out doing some errands; postoffice, bank and collecting my new passport at the police station.

And I was wearing my facial mask (my personal choice) at the post office – and a man in my age … made a remark as he passed me: here is somebody that is afraid of catching salmonella.

I walked after him and said – Excuse me, the only thing I’m afraid of is people like you.

The is no restriction that we have to wear a facial mask here in Sweden – they say it won’t stop us from catching the COVID-19, but it stops us from spreading the virus.

So here is my thinking … if we ALL were wearing a mask … the spreading of the virus will be less or ?????? !!!!!!!! But I’m only the cook! *smile

“Ignorance is a voluntary misfortune.”

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21 thoughts on “i truly hate ignorance

  1. There are all kinds out there, Viveka. One of our local grocery stores has a sign posted that all guests must wear masks. This weekend, my husband and I walked in, with our masks in place. Right behind us comes another couple our age–no masks. And they breeze right in. Why doesn’t management say something to them? Are they afraid of losing a customer? Much better than losing your health. Keep wearing that mask and good for you for saying something to him.

    • Loisa, I know … In my book it’s the shop owner to tell people if they don’t keep distance or wear a mask … they have to shop somewhere else – it’s not more difficult than that. Here in Sweden, the authorities close cafes and restaurants that don’t follow the restrictions. So it’s totally up to the owner and management to take their responsibility. He tried to be funny on my behalf … and that is okay with me, but still I got the winning point. The mask is my personal choice and people can think whatever they want an do what they want. *smile I tell people to back off if they came too close to me. Please, keep safe.

  2. Dear Wivi,
    so many stupid people out there! I just heard a funny story:
    A friend of mine went to a gas station in a teeny weeny town. He wore a face mask. an older gentleman was also in the store and also wearing a mask.
    Then 2 other people wanted to come in who weren’t wearing a mask. The owner of the gas station almost had a fit – no one allowed inside without mask! The older gentleman left the store, took off his mask, handed it over to the other people and said “I don’t need it any more – you can have it!” One of the two people outside put in on and went inside.
    Now who’s crazy here?????
    Hope you are well!? Take care and many hugs
    Claudia xo 🙂

    • Claudia, don’t know if I’m going to laugh or cry … talk about stupidity. I don’t understand what it’s that people don’t understand about COVID-19,. People is dying all over the world and still they don’t understand. We have them too. The worst is the one under 25 and in my age.
      Thanks for asking – doing okay. It blessing that be able to be out in the great weather we had for a long time now, but today the winter is back in most parts of Sweden – snow and chilly wind. Claudia, I think I have give up the thought to visit Vienna next months. Haven’t decided when I will rebook for. It has to be in 2021. Have to talk to Austrian Airlines. Maybe I have to take the refund and make a new booking. Would like to visit in the early summer. I can only rebook my ticket until 31.04.2021. What a carry on, but it’s what it’s. Love you …. Wivi

  3. I only wear a mask in shops and confined spaces, Vivi, and I hate the feeling, but if it helps those who have to work in those shops, that’s the important thing for me. I’m happier in the outdoors where I can stretch my legs. 🙂 🙂 Shame for all your plans, but you’re still here to tell the tale, hugs!

    • Same as me … we had great weather for quite a while now, even if the windy is quite chilly. We had snow a little future up the country yesterday. I always take my afternoon coffee out in the backyard if the wind isn’t too unpleasant. Yes, shame on my plans … but we will be flying soon again. I planning for 2021 instead now. Sunshine hug.

  4. We too wear a mask when we go out. The first time it felt a little odd but now we are used to it. God only knows till when the virus will be around us. I think we will have to live with it. But we have to be careful and not be irresponsible. take care and regards.

    • Yes, I think it will be there playing guessing games with us … until we get a vaccine and that will not happen next week. In a way I think it’s a good thing, because we needed to change our way of living and don’t only thinking of ourselves … the world needed a break from us.And I think a lot of good things will come out off this. Please stay safe and put the mask on. *smile

    • …. Yes, the WH is very ignorant! Our VP visits hospitals without wearing mask, even if everybody around him wore mask???? But better late an never. I don’t know if people think they are immortal or above everybody else … terrible when so many people are dying every day. We can only do our bit and stay safe.

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