covid-19 magic – #cirqueconnect

… it’s said that there is only one product in the world that gives 100% customer satisfaction and that is Cirque du Soleil. 

Couldn’t agree more.

I’m a massive fan.  I have seen 16 of their shows in total, only a couple here in Sweden, most in London and 3 in Las Vegas.  The first show I saw was Alegria in 1998 at the Royal Albert Hall. in London. I was SO spellbound by it, so I saw it twice.

The shows I have enjoyed so far:
Alegria (twice)

Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour
The Beatles Love
and Corteo that I have tickets for (suppose to been last month – now postponed to February 2021 in Copenhagen)

Cirque du Soleil is the whole package, I love everything; costumes, make up … music (which they write themselves) … musicians, singers … decor … and of course the artists.

Since 1984, Montreal-based Cirque du Soleil has thrilled more than 33 million spectators in over 130 cities worldwide. But it was the daring vision of Guy Laliberté that was the driving force behind Quebec’s first internationally renowned circus.

Cirque du Soleil expanded rapidly through the 1990s and 2000s, growing from one show to 19 shows in over 300 cities on every continent except Antarctica. The largest contemporary circus producer in the world!

Now under the Covid-19 crisis, Cirque du Soleil broadcast one of their shows on Facebook and YouTube every Friday.

“Since you cannot come to us, we’re coming to you”
Cirque du Soleil

“At Cirque du Soleil, we offer an escape from everyday life through the delight and whimsy of our shows.
Now more than ever, we want to do our little part to spread joy, even from afar, directly to your safe spaces.
Let us welcome you into our world where awe-inspiring show footage and fan favourite videos will transport you.

Just for you, from us. Enjoy!”

Yesterday I watch their show “One Night for One drop” – just pure magic!!!!

“One Night for One Drop is an annual global philanthropic event imagined by Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group in support of One Drop, an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to safe water. Since 2013, the event has raised over $40M in overall contributions from our stakeholders to support One Drop’s mission. One Drop is created by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté.

I highly recommend their #cirqueconnect Friday shows, because they broadcast shows that never will go on tour. All their #cirqueconnect shows you can find both on YouTube and Facebook.

Let’s stay connected”
Cirque du Soleil

A Cirque du Soleil show is an escape of reality … a magical move to another existence.

Just what we need from time to time … and especially now.

“Inside every adult there’s still a child that lingers.”
Guy Laliberte, Cirque du Soil founder 

All images belong to Cirque du Soleil.

14 thoughts on “covid-19 magic – #cirqueconnect

  1. I’ve only seen one, too, Vivi. I remember being gobsmacked but I haven’t rushed back so I can’t have been so keen. I always meant to go with my daughter but it never happened 🙄💕

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