lens-artists photo challenge #94 -home

“Home is the most important place in the world.”

Amy … want us to share our “lock-up” environment.

The thing is that we aren’t locked up here in Sweden .. we can move around freely with a social distance … shop whatever we need and want, go to the hairdresser, enjoy a nice cup of coffee al fresco in the beautiful spring weather at a cafe … delight ourselves with a dining adventure at a restaurant in the evening if we fancy that.

So welcome to apartment 1202 at Östergatan in Landskrona – Sweden

For me, the two main rooms in my 2 bedroom apartment are the kitchen and the bedroom.

“It is good to collect things,
but it is better to go on walks.”
Anatole France

Let’s start with the bedroom and my little collection of miniature perfume bottles – have been collecting for many years, but they have never gone on display until I moved into this apartment.

“One sits uncomfortably on a too comfortable cushion.”
Lillian Hellman

I love green plants and cushions … big and small 

“Every bedroom should have a piece of silk”
Viveka Gustavson (me)

All “art” on my walls are my own images … that goes for the bedroom and the living room. And my bedroom curtains are made of embroidered silk.

“O bed! O bed! delicious bed!
That heaven upon earth to the weary head.”
Thomas Hood

My big and high comfortable bed .. is from IKEA, bought in the UK, only 10 days before my removal was leaving for Sweden.

” The Wonderful Everyday”

It gave me a nightmare experience when assembly it – that ended up with me writing a personal letter to the CEO and founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad – and my problem was solved in a couple of days.  That is a story of its own.

“Best way to get rid of kitchen odors: Eat out.”
Phyllis Diller

My kitchen is a galley kitchen … love it because it means I don’t have waltz around it while cooking. When standing by the cooker I just have to turn around and there are the fridge and freezer.

Not the largest kitchen, but big enough for me and a narrow IKEA Billy bookshelves for my cookery books and mini music system!

“My favorite hobby is cooking and eating.
There is nothing I can do well if I have not eaten well.”
Darnell Lamont Walker

From the kitchen is access to the balcony … nearly the best thing with the whole apartment – plus the building has an elevator, which was  #1 on my requirement list when I moved back to Sweden in 2009 after nearly 25 years in total living abroad; Denmark, Canada, USA, United Kingdom and Ireland. Plus 12 months on a cruise liner.

Fantastic years …

but it’s so wonderful to be back home … Home in Sweden and the beautiful seaside town of Landskrona.

I had never been to Landskrona or seen the apartment (only on the blueprint) before I signed the contract, sitting in Belfast. It was like a blind date coming to Landskrona 6 weeks later … a blind date that resulted in love at first sight.

Home for me … is not only the place that has my name on the door … home is also the beautiful county that I was born and lives in – Sweden!!!

“The best journey takes you home.”

“Thou ancient, Thou free, Thou mountainous north
Thou quiet, Thou joyful [and] fair!
I greet thee, loveliest land upon earth,
Thy sun, Thy sky, Thy climes green.

Thou thronest on memories of great olden days,
When honoured Thy name flew across the earth,
I know that Thou art and wilt remain what thou werest,
Yes, I want to live, I want to die in the North.”


22 thoughts on “lens-artists photo challenge #94 -home

  1. I am not the least surprised that your home looks warm and wonderful and sits along the water Vivi. Nor am I surprised the ceo of IKEA responded to you. How could he not?! Thanks for sharing your slice of life. Sweden has gotten lots of news coverage here in the US for its unique response. Time will tell what works best but yours is much more pleasant!!!

    • Thanks, Tina … for your kind words and for your support. Hopefully, the Swedish health authorities will be able to prove in the end that it works the Swedish way too. Anyhow, we don’t need all the hassle with open up again and it’s lovely to be able to move around as we want .. but there is many that don’t keep a social distance – especially in the supermarket. I never leave home without my face mask and my little spray bottle with hand sanitizer. But we have the same problem as everyone else – the elderly at care homes, the economy … and unemployment is shooting through the roof even if we are open. But hopefully, we all know that detergent isn’t the right cure for COVID-19. Tina, please stay safe and healthy.

      • I hope the Swedish way proves effective Vivi, because if it does perhaps we can all adopt the model which is much less onerous than ours here in the US. You be safe too my friend.

      • Thank you, Tina … we are all in the same war and I don’t think there is a better way, we all need to get through this … and we have to make all lot of things better after this, so all this suffering and death hasn’t been meaningless.

  2. What a beautiful post on your ( our Swedish) home, Viveka. And Landskrona is very beautiful – as is your home! I love it that you have your own images on your walls, I never dared to put up mine on my walls. I am grateful to have this freedom we have, and let us hope we all reach our goal no matter what method we use. Stay well, dear friend – and hopefully we will soon have our kartoffel kage!

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