the best news from the us for a long time

“During the COVID-19 pandemic,
I would rather take too many safety precautions than too few.”
Steven Magee

… and it works, have tried … very comfortable too. – Toke me 10 min to make, only a bit hand sewing (elastic bands) involved – and I can change material every day if I want to match my outfit (brilliant). Use a linen tea towel for my first one that I will wear today now when I go for supermarket shopping.

Not a fashion statement yet.

Thank you Dr. Jermoe Adams. 

Please, stay safe and healthy for me!!!!

8 thoughts on “the best news from the us for a long time

    • Yes, back from shopping … worked very well and nobody really took any bigger notice to that I was wearing it. Not many in Sweden wears mask … in Landskrona I have only seen one. A bit warm, but worked very well.

  1. 🙂 Hahaha, now that is an easy version of a face covering! And good, because you can wash and iron it HOT after using it
    How are you doing, dear Wivi? How was your hospital adventure? And how’s your eye doing?
    Many hugs and stay safe and healthy!
    Claudia (who is still debating if I should indulge in a Magnum at this time of the evening 😀 ) xo

    • Dia, I’m doing fine … the eye is okay, have a check-up after Easter. We have lovely weather and Sweden is open, but I try to stay away from the outside world so much as possible, I still do my shopping but now I use a face mask. It’s brilliant – you can have a different color every time … that match. Works very fine. I’m a bit worried now about my visit in June if Austria will let me in without having to go to quarantine for 14 days or not able to visit at all. Have to wait and see .. what they say in May. I hope it all will be over by then, but I don’t count on it. The same goes for you … stay safe and healthy – and Happy Easter, My Spring Chicken.

  2. Happy to see that you’re wearing a mask. Very sensible. I think of you often, especially after hearing how bad thing got in Sweden. Hopefully the situation is better.

    • Thank you so much for your thoughts and concern, so kind of you, Carol. But I don’t understand why the USA think that things have gone bad in Sweden????!!!! We have our freedom with restriction and we are not worst off than any other countries. We don’t have to have the problems with opening up, because we never been in lockdown. And our intensive care units have managed well, so we are doing okay considering everything. Incompetency with Michigan that the same amount of people as Sweden has … that has been in lockdown … they have 1000 more death than us and 20.000 more cases. Carol, please stay safe and healthy.

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