backstreet gem in nice, le panier

…. We had the COVID-19 puffing down our neck during our a fantastic stay in Nice, the last week in February.

It’s truly hard to beat Nice in February as a winter escape … if it’s blue sky and sunshine.

We were there for the yearly Carnaval de Nice and La Fête du Citron in Menton… we manage to enjoy the big parade and the lemon festival

… but the flower parade was canceled because of high winds and .. the last two parades also became canceled because of the COVID-19 on the other side of the border. France had then taken a decision that no event with more than 500 spectators was allowed. Still waiting for my refunds.

To visit France means eating and drinking – even if I think that the food is a bit overrated in France .. and always been (my personal opinion). The French Riviera has always been better than Paris, in my book.

We arrived at our hotel just after lunch … and after unpacking it was time for a proper Café au lait and some serious pâtisserie – and we found a little cafe just behind our hotel, Boulangerie Pétrie de la Gare at 1 Avenue Thiers. It was just what we needed … to land on a step closer to heaven.

Le Panier
5 Rue Barillerie
06300 Nice
Phone: +33 4 89 97 14 37
(Booking necessary)
Chef; Gaël Passigli

A very tiny little restaurant with a warm generous welcoming and interesting menu. All staff speaks excellent English. Not a restaurant to keep the social distance at. Every time I been there it has been fully booked and the tables are very close.

The kitchen is on the entrance level and all tables upstairs. a very cozy and intimate setup. (images below from Tripadvisor)

We started off with a quite expensive drink called Pink Lady, a cocktail that goes back to the 1920s in New Orleans … and we choose a great Sauvignon Balance for the dinner.

My menu for our first evening in Nice;

Scallop and crab tartare with herb oils
Cod with black lentils and pan-roasted vegetables

I don’t know why I didn’t have a dessert???!!!!

Le Panier is a MUST for me every time I visit Nice – love everything about this little well-hidden back street gem.

A fabulous start on a fabulous week

“In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.”
Julia Child

If you want to know about more of my dining adventures around the world – click on the logo.


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