tuesday photo challenge – hope

…. I’m not religious, but I’m a believer as such – that I believe in people that do a different now and here.

I believe in all the medical staff and first responders that are fighting for us against the COVID-19 all over the world just now with risk for their own health and life, not without their own fears.

 I believe in all the volunteers that give a helping hand to first responders and to the vulnerable.

I believe in all those that keep us going through handclapping, dancing, singing, and motivating on Youtube.

They are all my hope – a colorful kite rising high against the blue sky!!!

“The Coronavirus has proved that everything
around us is so temporary”

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hope

14 thoughts on “tuesday photo challenge – hope

  1. Situations like this bring out the real heroes, Vivi. The ones who don’t get the glory and often very poor wages. I hope you are able to stay home and safe for a while? Sending hugs 🙂 🙂

    • Jo, couldn’t said it better myself. I’m out and about at times, for shopping and hospital appointments. Otherwise I’m staying indoors, hard now when the weather is so fantastic (even if chilly), but it’s changing tomorrow.
      I have my hand sanitzer in my coat pocket … and I’m keeping a social distance, especillay to handsome men. *laughing …. DuvetHug!

  2. In our town too there are so many people who have volunteered to cook and distribute food to the needy. There are so many good people out there and I believe in them. Take care. The weather is very hot here 🙂

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