lens-artists photo challenge #84 – narrow

Narrow … this week did I have to dig deep in my files. It seems I like to take to the wide streets and paths.

“The higher the truck the closer to God

Chicago!!! I don’t have a clue how the drivers manage to park this huge truck in a narrow space like this???!!!!! – July 2012

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
Pablo Picasso

Very narrow margins here in William Forsythe’s “Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time No 3” … Live Art at Wanås Castle, Sweden – July 2018

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
Leonardo da Vinci

The world’s narrowest house at Kanonia 20-22 in the Old Town, Warsaw. This comically tiny building in Poland is rumoured to have been built this way because the 17-century tax system was based on the width of a home’s front-facing facade. It was restored after World War II to look much like it did back then – July 2015

When the Keret House was built at Żelazna 74, also in Warsaw in 2012 named after Israeli writer Etgar Keret, this was considered the world’s narrowest house. It was conceived by architect Jakub Szczesny and is just under 5 feet at its widest point. Located between two buildings from different eras in history, it hosts visiting artists in a residency program. I have missed that one – next time I visit Warsaw.

“Walking in a beautiful narrow street
an excellent way of discovering life
with the feeling of security!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Gamle Færgestræde in Helsingør, Danmark.  is not entirely like the other streets in town. The unpolished field rocks lie as they did in the middle ages, rough and uneven, making you automatically switch your walking from frisk to careful. On each side of the road towers tall, yellow houses, holding the city noises at bay. If a dirty little piglet had walked around in the open gutters of the street, while chamber pots were emptied from the slanting windows, it would only fit the ambience.


25 thoughts on “lens-artists photo challenge #84 – narrow

  1. Take some special skill to park a truck like this size into this narrow alley, Amazing! The narrow house, Wow!! I also like the last image. Thank you, Vive! 🙂

    • Amy, I couldn’t believe it how narrow space where that truck was parked and it was a really serious big truck like they can be in the US. I’m sure the driver have parked there before. *smile Amy, my pleasure. *smile

  2. Makes me think of the narrow streets in Lisbon, particularly in Alfama, Mouraria and Bairro Alto. But these narrow streets (sometimes more like alleyways) were often the Fado houses, Fado Clubs, and the best restaurants.

    • Barry, I think there are narrow streets in any old town. I don’t remember so much about the Lisbon old town, more the tram and some lemon trees and a very nice terrace restaurant where I had lunch. As you know we didn’t click Lisbon and me.
      Maybe should give it a second chance. *smile

      • Vive, I would say that if you did go back to Lisbon, go back with an open mind. That’s really all I could suggest. I know how difficult it can be to give somewhere a second chance if the first visit wasn’t great.

        As I mentioned on my facebook page, I ‘liked’ rather than ‘loved’ Lisbon. But, I was warming to the place, so if I had stayed for another few days, or even another week, I’d think that it was very possible that I would have been saying that I ‘loved’ Lisbon. But in my opinion, beautiful though Lisbon is, it does take a bit of getting used to. Saying that, I can’t wait to go back in May. ☺

        I did have a romance in Lisbon, and I’m not denying that I’m hoping to continue that romance when I am over there. 🥰 It is a reason, but it’s not the only reason I’m going back. Places I didn’t see, things I didn’t do. And how could I go to Lisbon without having a Ginjinha? 😂

        You’re quite right about narrow streets being in a lot of towns and cities. First I always think of would be the ‘Entries’ in my home city of Belfast, especially the ones just off High Street. London is full of them. Dublin, Cork, Edinburgh, Liverpool (some great and historical pubs and restaurants in the narrow streets there). Vienna as well.

      • …. Barry, you have convict me … I will give Lisbon another chance. So glad to read that you had a romance in Lisbon and I hope of all my heart that it will continue on your return. *smile Ginjinha???!! Never tasted, my favourite is the white port with tonic with loads of ice and lemon. Love it. Called Porto Splash. I had Portuguese champagne – very good. I will try next time I visit Portugal, maybe it will be Lisbon. Thank you so much for your great comment. *smile

  3. Interestingly someone else posted the “narrowest house”. It would be interesting to compare the two Viveka. That old street in your final image is perfection – walk carefully indeed 🙂

    • Tina, there are quite a few narrow houses around the world and I suppose they are all fighting for being the narrowest. Yes, it’s one of the oldest streets in Scandinavia and it very photogenic, hard to get it wrong., but thank you so much for the lovely comment.

    • Pam, yes … that quote is brilliant – used it before. Haven’t clue .. maybe he were drunk when he parked it. Helsingör is in whole a very cool town … the town of Prince Hamlet. Thank you for the visit.

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