things we did in istanbul (part VI)

… so now we have come to my last post about our 5 days over Christmas in the busy big city full of magic.

This post is about my relaxing experience at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art , the temporary space. A place I have returned to during my last 3 visits to Istanbul. As I said before in my book one of the most interesting museums in the world. Their exposition always draws me in, the same happened this time.

They are at temporary space for the 2 coming years than they will back to their original location just on the edge of the Bosphorus strait by the Tophane tram station. A missive old industrial building.


Their temporary space is now located in a big beautiful 4 storey townhouse on Meşrutiyet Caddesi, No:99 in Beyoğlu area on the European side, so the exhibitions are much smaller and very few pieces of their own art isn’t on display. I only recognized two pieces, both by the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson.

Their exhibitions that I had the chance to enjoy was: Lütfi Özkök: Portraits –  by photographer Lütfi Özkök (1923-2017), internationally renowned for his portraits of authors and artists. The photographs are from Özkök’s archive in Stockholm, Sweden, where he spent most of his life.

Canan Tolon: You Tell Me – a Turkish-born artist who now lives and works in Emeryville, California. Tolon works in the mediums of printmaking, painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation.

“In Pursuit of the Present” – it’s collection exhibition “In Pursuit of the Present”, Istanbul Modern focuses that on human conditions in today’s world. The exhibition features works that explore the relationship between humans and cities, nature, and between their own selves and their physical environment in historical, social and personal contexts.

Moreover, the exhibition holds a mirror to how human emotions are influenced by the new visual and aural stimuli that have emerged in the world today. About 35 artists are on display, artists from all over the world.(text:

When I bought my senior ticket (21₺ – regular price is 72₺, so a significant discount)  was I informed to start on the 4th floor and work my way down to the basement. And I did what I was told.

I will present art that I spent time in front of.

I spent 3 hours at the museum … but it was time for lunch and they don’t have their fantastic restaurant at the temporary space …. only a little cafe, with cakes and some warm small dishes, but that I fancy. So I made my way up to one of my favourite waterholes, welldone (trukish website) located just opposite the Tunnel station. So I had to do some steps and claim.

“welldone” is a concept of many bars and restaurants under one roof … at least the one I use to go to, they have 5 restaurants (outlets) around Istanbul. Great food and fantastic service. I had a chicken and bulgar salad.

It had started raining again as I left the restaurant!!! I had been lucky with the weather the whole day, even if it had been any sunshine … until then, so I just made my way back to the apartment.

I had a fantastic day … and I don’t think I ever will become tiered of Istanbul. Around every corner or back street, I also meet new experiences and adventures. So in October will I be back for more, a lot more … and I will do the French street (Algiers Street/Cezayir Sokağı)!

İstanbul, Ekim ayında görüşürüz !!!!

“Art is a luxury commodity that has no direct use-value.”
Christian Saehrendt & Steen T Kitti

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    • Yes, she was so cute … she was there with her mum and elderly sister and she was really interested in the art – busy with her mobile to take images … so nice to see. MorningHug.

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