things we did in istanbul (part V)

Last day in Istanbul and I got “my-own-time” … Bärbel was worn out from the day before and wanted to take it easy.

So after breakfast did I make my way to the French Quarters of Istanbul, never been before. I start walking down Nur-u Ziya Sokak, but I missed the most important street, French Street because there was a major road works in the crossing where I should have taken to the left, So instead, I continued down the hill on Boğazkesen Cd.  That means I have French Street to do in October.

Still, I had a great walk along a very narrow but busy street … when I looked behind me I made a decision that I was going to continue all the way down – because there was no way I was going go back up where I came from. I knew that I would eventually come out down by the Bosphorus Strait and there I will meet tram T2. At least that was what I was hoping for.

Passed the French Embassy, which was hidden behind a giant wall.

Both Oscar and I found many interesting things. A little taxi hub that had their own pet, a white rooster, that was sitting there all relaxed on a chair in the honking mad traffic.

And I met some ginger beauties during my slow walk along Boğazkesen Cd. I always wanted a ginger cat … but ended up with one black and a tabby at the same time. *smile There is something special with ginger cats, maybe it’s Garfield that have woken that urge with me. Garfield’s Swedish name is Gustav and that is also my nickname with my Swedish friends. Maybe that has something to do with it.

All cats I met during my walk was ginger … I guess maybe they were all related somehow???!!!

As you can see is Boğazkesen Cd not only a very busy trafficked street it’s also very colourful. It doesn’t really matter what back street you take … a very special world meets you. I was right in my suspicions that I was going to end up down by the water and I just landed on the Tophane tram station.

Istanbul public transport is that it’s very frequently, so I didn’t have to wait long before I could go on my one-stop ride to Karaköy. Karaköy stop is located just by the Galata Bridge and a very busy crossing, so to get over to the others side of the stop you have to walk in subways and as I came up the subway a little kitten toke over my life for quite a while, it was very interested in my bag and when I put it down I think it had plans to go to Sweden. It was so cute, affectionate and very wrongheaded to get inside my bag.

Back up on Istiklal Caddesi I decided to visit the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, that was located just behind our apartments – a temporary space for 2 years and after that it moves back down by to the waterfront by the Tophane tram station.

All about my hours at the museum will I tell you about in my last post about our Christmas in Istanbul. Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, a museum that is in my book as one of the most interesting modern art museums in the world. Not that I have been to that many!

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
J.R.R Tolkien

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