lens-artists photo challenge #78 – special spot shot

Ann-Christine … want me to find my special spot????!!!! and show the shots ….??????? Am I suppose to blush here????


The spot I have chosen is not very nought, Das Schmetterlinghaus (The Imperial Butterfly House) in Vienna.


A place I visit every time I’m in town … and that has been every second year lately because my good friends Carol and Robert live just outside Vienna … and to get my day-out with Dia@HappyFace.

A flying theatre right in the centre of Vienna, just 200m from the opera this unique, tropical oasis, peaceful and relaxing, the Imperial Butterfly House. In one of the most beautiful Art Noveau palm houses in the world.

It is part of the Hofburg Royal Palace and is situated on the edge of the Burggarten palace gardens, just by the Albertina Art Museum.

Emperor Franz Josef I and Sisi, the Empress of Austria,  found tranquillity and quiet inside the wonderful Art Noveau building, just like I do when I enjoy the amazing ambience and unique flora and fauna of the Butterfly House.

In the year 1901, they started with the construction of the 2.000 m² sized palm house (Palmenhaus). Friedrich Ohman designed this building which consists of glass and steel and supervised also the 5 years lasting building time of the last big orangery of the Habsburger.

A waterfall, a small pond and several bridges create a picturesque backdrop, in front of the beauty of the butterflies – and it’s a fantastic place for using the camera. Oscar loves it.

“Butterflies are self propelled flowers.”
R.H. Heinlein


18 thoughts on “lens-artists photo challenge #78 – special spot shot

  1. Indeed a special spot, Viveka – and no need for blushing ;-D. I never ask too much, do I? Wonderful shots – don’t know how you are able to capture them as clear and shining as you do. But Oscar is fast, and long lensed…(a small blush there…?) Thank you for taking us to beautiful Vienna!

    • *Laughing. To tell you the truth … I’m not that luck with butterflies out in the nature, but here they are so used to people and the fly around … and they land on you … they also land on the ground, so you have to look were you’re going and not many visitors does, so there is some casualties. It’s a magical place … in the middle of Vienna. Some of them are big a tea saucers. Thank you for the lovely comment. Love the topic.

  2. I’ve only been in a butterfly house once, but it was a magical experience, Vivi. Your photos capture it beautifully. 🙂 🙂 My postcard arrived from that other magic place today. Many thanks, hon!

    • I haven’t been to many … either, but the one in Vienna is a must every time I visit. So glad you like it. Also glad that my card has arrived. Always a pleasure. BedtimeHug.

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