the best neigbour in the world

…. ME!!!!!

Yesterday when I visit our convenient store across the street … one of my neighbors (don’t know his name) was in the store too … and as I was paying he came up to me and gave me a box of Milka’s hearts because in his eyes I’m the best neighbor in the world. He had me in tears and my heart was boiling over.

All I know about this man is that he lives with his family at the entrance next to mine and that he is muslin.

I became totally taken, I use to talk with him whenever I meet him … talk with his little daughter when she plays in our backyard, that is all I have done. Maybe a smile and a couple of kind words really make a difference after all. I try to live by Dolly Parton’s word:

“If you see someone without a smile give them yours.”

But maybe he meant in general because I try to help any neighbor out so much as I’m able to.

It was the most wonderful feeling to open the box today and they taste so GOoOOOood … what a fantastic gesture. What an award.

“If you are grateful
I will give you more”

19 thoughts on “the best neigbour in the world

    • Beth, his gesture brought tears to my eye there in the shop. He really made my days that came very special. All the small hearts are gone now. They were delicious.

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