tuesday photo chellenge – common

Common … what a brilliant and fun topic/them!!!! Well done, Frank. *smile

“I’ve learned to brush off many things.”
Katrina Bowden

Colorful brushes spotted at a convenient store in Costa Nova, Portugal – May 2018

“Sugar is to blood as lust is to mind.”
Kishore Das

The Kitchen’s trendy way to serve sugar. The Kitchen is located in the old fire station in Bristol, UK – August 2015

“A messy kitchen is a sign of happiness.”
Unknown (I totally agree)

I bake very seldom and this is one of the reasons … I make a terrible mess – March 2014

“A sharp knife cuts the quickest and hurts the least.”
Katharine Hepburn

The sharpest knife in my draw  – April 2016

“French fries kill more people than guns and sharks,
yet nobody’s afraid of French fries.”
Robert Kiyosaki

My delicious  French fries waiting to be brought to my table at one of my favorite waterholes in Belfast, The Shed on Ormeau road – January 2018

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Common

13 thoughts on “tuesday photo chellenge – common

      • I can’t seem to think of one this week. Maybe there’s too much commotion happening here at home because of the Christmas season. 🙄

      • *smile .. I’m so glad I’m not getting involved with Christmas, that much … I write Christmas cards and then I take off somewhere. Away from Christmas, I been in the Christmas race before, too much stress. Maybe you need to sit down and put a gallery together to give yourself and Christmas a little break. I’m sure you very soon will have a post.

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