lens-artists photo challenge #74 – abstract

Abstract??? Patti sent me down the thinking path again.

We are in an abstract universe by design.”
Anthony T. Hincks

First, a couple of artists came to mind … but I just have to share this amazing building. It was a long time since a modern building excited me so much. It was very hard to make this amazing building justice with my amateur eye and camera. So please watch the little video.

Szczecin Philharmonic Hall (Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic)!!!!  It was WOW from the moment I came through that entrance door. All because I could die for a good cup of coffee a red hot August day this year. Szczecin is one of the biggest and most interesting cities in Poland and a very tourist-friendly city too with great food and fantastic cocktails.

What I understand from their website was the idea to build a new hall for the Philharmonic in the place where the old Concert Hall (Konzerthaus) used to be located came about in 2004. The musicians needed larger and more modern space as the institution had grown out of the then occupied wing of the City Hall.

The citizens of Szczecin saw the placing of the new concert hall at the intersection of Małopolska and Matejki streets as having symbolic importance to the musical history of the town. Three years later a contest to present the idea of a new Philharmonic was opened. From among the offers of forty-four studios from all around the world, the jury chose the project designed by Barozzi/Veiga studio from Barcelona.

In 2015, the new building of the philharmonic was awarded the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture, but it also got other awards as Polish Architecture XXL Award for the “Best Public Utility Building”, Building of the 25 years – Symbol of Transformation”, Life in Architectureaward from the magazine “Architektura Murator”, “Building of The Year 2015″ and finalist in the “architecture” category of the “Designs of the Year”awards organized by the London Design Museum.

Hopefully one day one of my favorite artists will perform at Szczecin Philharmonic Hall and I will make sure I will be there. Because I will make sure I will enjoy this building in its full capacity.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #74: Abstract


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