table for 3 in szczecin

… in August this year was I visiting Szczecin (Stettin) for 5 nights together with Ann Christine@LEYA and her husband Lars … for this year’s The Pyromagic International Fireworks Festival. An event I had come across on the internet by accident and when I talked with Ann Christine … both of them were interested.  Our first visit to this tourist-friendly city for all of us. We flew from Copenhagen to Berlin and after that 2,5 hour on a bus directly from Tegel Airport, very smooth.

We got 5 extremely hot days …. it was to tough to handle for us girls, but Lars he loves the heat. The evening was very pleasant … and the evenings meant drinks, wine, and great food. And I always do my research when it comes to my dining adventures on all destinations, even the ones I been before.

We rented a fantastic apartment right in the old town. Ann Christine and I decided to eat breakfast out every morning. Lars isn’t a breakfast person. And I had done my research and 4 min. walk from our front door I had located a little popular bagel cafe, Bajgle Króla Jana (website in Polish). Fabolous and we enjoyed all our breakfast there, expect when all seats were taken. Not fancy about the cafe, but food and service top class.

Every morning we tried a different bagel … with a large glass of fresh orange juice … tea and coffee.

Our first evening we dinned in a Brazilian restaurant only on the other side of the old town square. Never tried Brasilian food before, but their reviews were excellent, Brasileirinho (a fantastic website). And what a fantastic start we got on our Szczecin days. A colorful and fun place … with great humor.

Our table wasn’t ready when we arrived so we were advised to relax with a cocktail in the cozy corner in the basement. Both the basement and the cocktail (Passion Fruit Fizz – gin-based) blow the socks off us. We were told that the owner is a Brasilian lady and she has a fantastic eye for interior design and eye for details.

The restaurant was busy both indoors and on the patio. Lars wanted to sit on the patio, but I wanted to sit indoors … so they placed us by the big window that was open against the patio. So the best of both worlds. Everybody was happy! *smile

Of course, we had steak … a Brasilian restaurant, can’t go wrong … even if I’m not really a beef person – and it was superb … and the portions were generous. The meat was melting on the tongue and with a Brazilian wine …. what fantastic dining adventure. We enjoyed a dessert too – “Cuscuz d Topica ao Coco & Mango” – excellent, but Oscar wasn’t in the mood.

And the service???!!! It was attentive, entertaining, friendly and funny – world-class.  A MUST if you ever visit Szczecin.

Because we were going to watch the firework displays at 10am – I choose a restaurant that was halfway between the apartment and one of the viewpoints and it also gave us the to see the magnificent  Philharmonic Hall building in its evening gown. The restaurant is located just across the road.

I had tried to book a restaurant up by the viewpoint, but they didn’t take any booking during the festival and that I understand. They were packed.

Spiżarnia Szczecińska – a hidden gem, a Polish restaurant. We passed it during the day. A basement restaurant full of beautiful details and serving great food.  The white stairway down the restaurant gave a very good first impression.

We all enjoyed calf liver, once again very generous portion … and absolutely delicious. Calf liver is something that we don’t find on restaurants in Sweden anymore and we can’t even buy it in the supermarkets. We finished off with a non-calorie dessert.

Even if the bulwar Piastowski, the quayside promenade is long but there is there only 2 restaurants and one cafe. The cafe and one of the restaurants have the same owner, Stockholm Kitchen and Stockholm Cafe. So there wasn’t much of a choice  Swedish or hamburgers. Not really my thing to go for a Swedish restaurant when I’m abroad, but I thought it was going be nice to sit and do some people watching before it was time for the second-day firework display. And the reviews were very good.

“Stockholm Kitchen and Bar”  right on the quayside. I had spent the full day at the ER and it had been an extremely hot day, so the evening was so pleasant. The promenade was so busy. Lars was at a concert in the cathedral, so it was only us girls.

Great service … again, and the menu was very interesting. I went for tuna andwe both had chocolate cake which we just had finished off as Lars joined us. He had fallen to sleep during the concert. *laughing.

The Old Town Hall, our next-door neighbor, was built for the town authorities at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries, in place of a wooden building from the mid-13th century.   In 1570, the town hall was the venue for the Peace Congress to end the war between Sweden and Denmark.


It served a town hall function until 1879 and from 1937 until destruction during World War II. Paradoxically, the burnout of the interiors revealed then the medieval structure of the building. It was rebuilt in 1972-1975. Today museum … but also hold the most beautiful brewery and restaurant in its basement under historic arches, Wyszak Family Brewery (

Not many guests in the restaurant … everyone was sitting outside on the patio by the little square, but we want to enjoy the fantastic arches and setting  … I can only remember what my feast was: Pork knuckle (Eisbein) roasted in beer with potato purée and fried sauerkraut. A dish I have eaten many times in both Poland and Germany.

Lars had a trio of beer (I don’t drink beer) with his meal and I finished off with a Crème brûlée. The light wasn’t the best for food images.

Once again the food was fantastic and so was the service. It was just amazing to sit there under the medieval arches … and enjoy great food.

For our last dining adventure .. in my book, it was time for some fresh fish and we had to use public transport to get to the cities best. For Lars and me, it was very convenient … just to step aboard the tram, because as over 70 we traveled for free.

Ann Christine, the spring chicken, had to pay full fare. The tram stop was about 6 min walk from our apartment and the restaurant was just across from the tram stop in the other end, Paprykarz Fish Market ( – about 10-12 minutes tram ride.

Fairly busy place … a lot of guests were leaving as we arrived just before 8pm. Had an American diner set up and interior design, very funny and so was the hostesses. Once again we got a table by a big open window.

What I recall my travel mates went for salmon of some kind, but I started off with tuna tartar and followed by a fishburger. Just superb!!!!

When it came to Szczecin …  overall it became an event for all our senses and they were overflowing as we sat on the Flexibus back to Tegel Airport in Berlin.

Somebody has said that the of our senes the smell has the longest memory … I don’t really agree, I think the taste has a longer memory, at least for me personally. I can remember some dishes I enjoyed 40 years ago.

“Don’t ignore the five senses in search of a sixth.”
Bruce Lee

10 thoughts on “table for 3 in szczecin

  1. Ah – it was an excellent outing – once again with you at the steering wheel, Viveka! Hot it was – almost too hot for you and me, as you say…But, the restaurants and the food – ooohh my, only you can conjure up these fantastic places! thank you again for taking us!

    • A-C, my pleasure … love to dine with people that like their food and drinks!!! It was really a fantastic 5 days .. even if it was too hot for comfort. Quite glad I had to spend one of the hot days at the ER! *laughing
      Looking at Baku for Christmas 2020, supposed to be a very interesting city – old and extremely modern.

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