34.60SEK – $3.60 – £2.80 – €3.26

…. for ONE organic cucumber?????!!!.

Was at our budget supermarket Lidl today and I want a cucumber, but the only ones they had were organic – there was no price so I went to the customer scanner and that is the price I got. I nearly fell over.

Totally insane, for that, I can get a freshly baked sourdough bread loaf and 1 ltr full-fat milk.

Then they wonder why not more families eat organic????!!! Have to be a millionaire to afford that.

So no fresh cucumber slices on my breakfast ciabatta tomorrow!!! Sure I will survive.

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“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”
Warren Buffett

2 thoughts on “34.60SEK – $3.60 – £2.80 – €3.26

    • Same price as over here … totally crazy price. Pack of 3 … they would have gone bad before I would have finished them. A nonorganic… cost about 30% of what organic does. Around 7SEK/0.94 Can$. Then they want us to eat organic?????

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