tuesday photo challenge – fantasy


“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.”
Lloyd Alexander

As a child, I had a very lively imagination. I was very lonely as a child and I always made up fantasy stories … for example, I could have different dads every week more or less, all depend on what name I had heard on the radio. And it always got me into trouble … most of the time, I was very convincing too so often I was believed too. I was lying in my family’s eyes and ears.

It was so worrying that my mum took me to psychologist and she said I was in there with him for ages and when he came out he had a big smile on his face … and he told my mum not to worried because I will one day go and find the excitement in my life and make my fantasy come true … and then I don’t have a need to lie or make up any stories.

How right wasn’t that doctor … I can’t remember it, but I think I was about 5-6 years old.  But even in my early teens (still in school) did I make up my stories and I truly believed in them myself.

So today… I have to borrow some fantasy … and this is a piece of art by two Swedish artists:  Peter Geschwind & Gunilla Klingberg (b / b 1966) Life Systems – Nonspace, 2019 made up by tarpaulins, fans, plastic bags and survival bags 600x2330x2700 cm.

It has been on display at Wanås Castle this summer … Wanås Konst (Art) – Center for Arts and Learning, produces and communicates art that challenges and changes the view of society, outdoors in the landscape around Wanås in Skåne, in the Southern part of Sweden.

“Fantasy and reality often overlap.”
Walt Disney

“Fantasy mirrors desire.
Imagination reshapes it.”
Mason Cooley

“Let yourself unwind and get lost in the garden of your mind.”

My choice of music cloud was easy this time: one of my all-time favorite pieces: Piano Sonata No. 13 in E-flat major “Quasi una fantasia”, Op. 27, No. 1, is a sonata composed by Ludwig van Beethoven in 1800–1801. Beethoven was about 30 years old when he wrote the sonata. The sonata was published separately from its more famous companion, Opus. 27 No. 2 (the “Moonlight” Sonata), but at the same time, in Vienna. (info: wikipedia.org)

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