lens-artists photo challenge #72 – waiting


Not really my strongest side … I’m so impatient. So likeness my mum … things have to happen now … right now!!! Except when I’m in transit because then I know it’s out my control.

“All things come to him who waits
– provided he knows what he is waiting for.”
Woodrow Wilson

My good friend James, waiting for his bride, Yvonne at Glenwhan Gardens outside Stranraer in Scotland – May 2016

“Waiting is a form of passive persistence.”
Ogwo David Emenike

Wet waiting at Landskrona railway station – November 2014

“The fact that we wait for something is evidence
that in some way we already possess it.”
Herbert Anderson

In waiting for takeoff … one more phonecall – Istanbul International airport – November 2015

“Time felt slower when we do nothing but wait.”
Toba Beta

In waiting for its master outside a supermarket in Gothenburg, love that face  – October 2014

Some things in life are worth waiting for.”
Danielle Steel

A hot soup waiting on being served at Bill’s Restaurant in Lewes, UK – January 2016

“Sitting and waiting is one of the most miserable occupations known to man –
not that it usually is known to men;
women do it much more often.”
Diana Gabaldon

A man waiting on his wife (I guess)  at Karlsplatz in Vienna – April 2018

“Nothing’s going to come to you
by sitting around and waiting for it.”
Zoe Kazan

My breakfast company nearly every morning (they all look the same) at Corner Bakery Cafe on 360 N Michigan Ave in Chicago. Waiting for the crumbs, even in the rain. – September 2014



22 thoughts on “lens-artists photo challenge #72 – waiting

    • Amy, thanks for you faithful support. Yes, you’re so right … that was my thought about my gallery. Everyday we wait for something. *smile – Great topic.

    • Thanks, John .. not this time. It was on a Sunday and the shops are not open Sundays in Vienna. Not even corner shops. I guess she was visiting a washroom. *smile

      • I was in Vienna many decades ago and definitely noticed that, unlike ‘Merica, the shops were not open on Sunday. What uncommonly Common Sense!!!!

      • John, BILLA (foodstore) at Franz-Josef- Bahnhof is open on Sundays, I totally forgotten about that shop. Merica … I can’t recall any shops by that name.

      • …unlike here in America/the U.S.A. (‘Merica), where we seem to be open nearly 24/7… is what I meant. Sorry for my abbreviations. 🙂

      • Okay, no problem … now I have learned something new today too. … here in Scandinavia, it is more normal – no 24/7 yet. No need for that really, but in the UK the biggest superstores (food) have open. Supermarkets … some have open 9-10pm, but no longer.
        Normal shops only to 6pm and shopping malls mostly to 8pm and once per week to 10pm, but open every day. It’s all about spend … spend … spend. To catch our money. But we Swedes do a lot of online shopping those days, I do a lot … not food.

    • Thanks, Tina … so glad you like the gallery. That means a lot. Yes, he wasn’t happy sitting there outside the supermarket on his own. I don’t understand why people need to bring their dogs when they are shopping.

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