the best of gdnask …. this time (III)

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.”
John Steinbeck

Now we have to come to the last post about my 4 nights break in Gdańsk, Poland … it will be about my best evening, my best lunch and my best dining adventure.

Best lunch –Machina Eats&Beats, located on Chlebnicka 13/16, next door to my apartment building.  The restaurant was totally empty when I arrived but started to get some more guests while I enjoyed my pasta. A very funky place really. At least for lunch, they had this fun concept that you compose your own pasta.

I got a form where I could choose what type of pasta, sauce, and ingredients I wanted. They also offer a daily pasta and a menu. I composed my own and with that, I ordered a homemade lemonade … love lemonade, but nothing we really drink in Sweden. I went for ginger and pear. They had quite a few to choose from on their menu .. and I could have it made by water, prosecco or gin. I went for water!!!!!

Excellent pasta … fantastic service and superb lemonade. I didn’t finish off with a cappuccino, because I had that Bezakowa cake on my mind … it was only 5 steps away. *smile

Best evening – of course with my friends since many years back. Magdalena and Raf … and their 4-year-old daughter, Nina. We met up at Raf’s job, he is now head chef since May this year, “Szafarnia10”. Raf was very busy with a VIP party up on the rooftop lounge and a second restaurant under his wings, so he was coming and going under the evening.

I haven’t seen him since Nina was born. He has always been working when I met up with Magdalena and Nina. It was wonderful to see him … to get his warm hug … and be able to spend some time with him. Such a lovely guy.

Enjoyed a great dinner: beef tartar and Asian fresh tuna. After dinner Raf took us up to the VIP lounge … and what a view. And what a place to have a private late dinner.

What a lovely evening … with my Polish friends. Back to my pillows, I had a mild nice 15 min walk back to my pillows over bridges and on back streets. Hopefully, I will be able to meet up with them next year again.

Best dining adventure – Zafishowani.  Right on Rybackie Pobrzeż, the canal promenade and a part of Hotel Hanza. a lovely boutique hotel with probably the best location in town. Why I chose the restaurant for my last evening was because of reviews. I don’t really trust hotel restaurants because of previous experiences throughout the years, but things have changed.

The restaurant was very empty, but the whole Gdańsk was empty … out of season and the weather wasn’t the best. 5 tables were taken plus a male party of 8. None of the guests was staying at the hotel, so that is a great sign that the food is great.

I don’t know what it’s with Sopot and Gdańsk???? But they do the best Mojitos. And the one I had at Zafishowan held the standard too … and I really liked that I got a metal straw, the plastic is disappearing more and more and I hate the paper ones because they gradually dissolve.

Famous for their fish. My dinners started with a delicious tuna chef’s surprise. Beautiful presentation.  I followed with Polish dumplings and halibut. Both dishes were superb. The halibut probably the best I ever had and I have enjoyed a couple through the years. Excellent and I enjoyed my meal a New Zealand Sauvignon blanc.

I finished with a cappuccino, but no desserts, because I had a big piece of that Bezakowa cake only a couple of hours before.

Fried dumplings stuffed with beef, served with mushroom sauce,
fried celeriac and horseradish paste

Halibut placed on wild garlic pesto with caramelized carrots and mashed potatoes

A superb finishing off a great 4 days autumn adventure in one of my favorite cities in the world. A city that always welcomes with big smiles, fantastic hospitality, fantastic food, and brilliant cakes … and the most stunning old buildings and loads of history. The best is that Gdańsk is only 40 min away.

Gdańsk, do zobaczenia wkrótce!!!

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25 thoughts on “the best of gdnask …. this time (III)

  1. Wonderful as always, Viveka! You know how to enjoy life! And take the best photos of it too! And such lovely friends to meet up with. Gdansk is a true gem. Thank you for taking us!

    • Thank you, A-C … yes, Gdansk is very special .. I always feel great when I visit. Overall when I visit Poland. Thank you for your kind comment … means a lot to me. I take you back at any time. *laughing
      I made a decision to visit Poznan for the Ice sculpture thing next December.

  2. I’ve just got back from Poland yesterday – Krakow. My first visit to the country and definitely won’t be my last. The food looks amazing – I think Gdansk might have to be next on our list!

    • Mrs. Jones … so glad you have got the eyes on Poland. Krakow is a very interesting city – personal I prefer the Jewish quarters. The food is excellent in Poland. Gdansk is a great city – and if you visit .. do a day trip to Sopot.

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