the best of gdańsk … this time (II)

… so back to Gdansk with temperamental weather and very sore feet.

Best event – Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet  (, the main reason that I visit Gdańsk this time. When I visit Tbilisi over Christmas last year I hoped that they would be “home” so I would be able to see them on their own stage .. but they were performing at Metropolitan in NYC. Also when I checked for my next visit to Tbilisi over Easter next year … they are not performing at home neither.

So I thought I have to see them somewhere in Europe when they are performing here and I was so lucky that this autumn they are performing at many reachable places and Gydnia was one of them … and Gyndia is next door to Gdańsk, 40 min train journey away.

Gdansk had the shortest flight distance (40 min) and I’m familiar with both Gdansk and Gydnia. Also, the ticket was a little bit cheaper than in the capital cities like Riga, Berlin, Vienna and Prague. They visit many cities in Poland, but for me, Gdańsk was the most convenient.

A magical evening and preforming, but the venue was totally wrong – Gdynia Sports Arena – fare too big and not at all suitable for this fantastic dance group. No atmosphere what so ever. Such a pity.

Oscar and I were struggling to get any truly great images because they are dancing so fast. As most is there 100 dancers at the same … and the speed they dance in.

The jumps are just incredibly high, plus their shoes do have a hard toe, so they are dancing directly on their toes. A show of truly world-class!!! A must if you have a chance. Don’t miss out!!!!

I wouldn’t mind seeing them again …. because it’s such an amazing show and brilliant dancers. So hopefully they will tour in Europe again in the near future. So worth the traveling.


And I had the pleasure to have my seat next to a lovely lady by name, Elzbieta – that works as a tour guide in the TriCity, which is the metropolitan area in Poland consisting of three cities in Pomerania: Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Sopot, as well as minor towns in their vicinity. Got her business card so next time I visit either Gdansk or Sopot … we will meet up.


Best taxidriver – Andrzej … after a lot of thinking did I decide to go by taxi to the arena because if I had taken the train I have to walk about 15 min from the railway station and my feet wouldn’t be up for it. So I asked the reception if they could find out what I taxi would cost me – return journey. They contacted a company by name, City Drivers. The dispatcher informed us that it will cost me 48Pln/£10/$12.40/€11.40/106.60SEK each way. A train ticket would have cost me 24Pln. A no-brainer for me, so a taxis were booked.


Andrzej was the driver that picked me up after the show. The driver that took me to Gdynia spoke very good English and we had a great conversation about everything … both drivers gave a fantastic service. But Andrzej became the star – so entertaining. He had been working for the Swedish hotel chain, Scandic Hotels and been visiting both Sweden and Denmark. He is only driving taxi as a hobby because he is working for Focus Hotel Premium Gdańsk … as a sales manager – a job he must be very suitable for.


The taxi fares were exactly what I had been given, 48.03Pln to the arena and 44.60Pln for the return fare. Both rides were on the taximeter. Fantastic service. I will use again and I got Andrzej business card.

Best hamburger –MAX!!!!!! Without the best burgers when it comes to Fast Food and they are Swedish. MAX has now 6 restaurants in Poland and they had opened their second restaurant in Gdańsk in the new posh and impressive shopping center FORUM in the center of Gdańsk, the day before my visit.

They were very busy… I didn’t see how McDonalds was doing, which is situated on the same level in the mall. The MAX restaurant is very large and has a very modern and young layout. My burger tasted so good as it always does here in Sweden, where ever you eat it.

The FORUM is very impressive … spread over many different buildings … and nice shops, most of them were ready for Christmas shopping.


I only shopped at Rossmann, my favorite drugstore, a German company that you find in nearly every corner in Poland. Did some serious shopping of skincare (so cheap in Poland) for my girlfriends and me – 7,5 kilo!!!!!

Especially the Polish brand, Eveline Cosmetics, superb products to very affordable prices. I love the brand.

Very good shopping within walking distance from the Old Town … excellent location and great shops.

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness
simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”
Bo Derek

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This music is Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet signature number – when the male dancers … in their red and black coats and black wigs truly owns the stage in speed and high jumps.

15 thoughts on “the best of gdańsk … this time (II)

    • Maja, har vi tur kanske de uppträder i Tbilisi när vi är där … men jag tvivlar. Skall hålla ett öga på deras 2020 turne … vill gärna se dem igen. Och jag har en annan väninna som vill se dem också. De är helt fantastiska, men arenan var helt fel.

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