lens-artists challenge #68 – layered

I must admit that I don’t really understand this week’s topic. Sorry, Amy!!!!

Google wasn’t to much help neither … so I have to use my “common sense”! So I have chosen my images from that there are different layers in the image.

I really had to put my thinking cap on here – I hope I haven’t got the cap backward….. with my thinking and sense.

“All things that have form eventually decay.”
Masashi Kishimoto

The old town of Tbilisi ( the city where I found one of my greatest adventures – a city with a massive heart), so beautiful in its decay – December 2018

“Flowers heal me. Tulips make me happy.”
Rebecca Wells

The Karlskirche in Vienna. I was given advice about 40 years ago that try to avoid to take an image of buildings just straight on … to try to get something in the foreground.  The red tulips were there for Oscar and me – April 2018

“Sometimes All You Need Is A Mojito”

A grey, but still warm day at Grand Hotel’s beach bar in Sopot, Poland .. the last day of service for the season. The Mojito never taste better – September 2018

“My only regret in life is that I did not drink more wine.”
Ernest Hemingway

The image is taken through  the terrace entrance door  at the beautiful vineyard, Quinto Do Bomfim, Pinhão (Portugal)  – the background is a part of the vineyard on the other side of River Douro – September 2019

Bridges are happy, because they do not judge
those who come to them.”
Mehmet Murat ildan

The famous Father Bernatek’s Bridge in Kraków – December 2017

“Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade.”
Rudyard Kipling

I visited  the breathtakingly beautiful Jardin Majorelle twice during my visit Marrakech – such a sanctuary in one of the maddest and most magical cities I ever visit – December 2016


As the cloud for this gallery have I chosen “Songs from a Secret Garden” … composed by “Secret Garden”, an Irish-Norwegian band specialized in new instrumental music, led by the duo consisting of Irish violinist and singer Fionnuala Sherry and Norwegian composer, arranger and pianist Rolf Løvland – also the composers behind the world hit “You Raise Me Up”. Fionnula and Rolf are such talent musicians – today’s classical composers.


13 thoughts on “lens-artists challenge #68 – layered

  1. You’ve mastered the layers challenge perfectly Viveka. Loved every choice but shooting the vineyard thru the doors was a masterful approach! Patti gives a good explanation of the concept in her response and you’ve executed it with great insight

    • Tina, thank you so much for your kind comment … for me layered images is when you add a part of an image on to another image, too complicated for me. So glad I got it somehow right. I’m very pleased with that terrace door image, only wish it could have been a little more sharp. So I’m so glad you like it. A big hearty thank you.

    • Loisa, you’re so kind … Tbilisi old town is so full of colors, shades … and details. It’s a pity that when they now rebuild it … it goes so flat.

  2. Wonderful, Viveka! And Tbilisi of course! And the music – thank you for introducing me to them. A feast for my ears – had never heard of them before.

  3. Excellent presentation. Very thoughtful. I like the Tbilisi decay. Will the world be like that one day? No humans, their ‘legacy’ decaying toward dust. I will sleep on it.

    • John, I’m sure it will be ,,, if we don’t wake up NOW and start changing how we treat the world and how we live. The thing about the Old town in Tbilisi is that behind the decay is modern living. You wouldn’t think that people could live in some of the houses looking from the outside and … out comes young elegant families and jumps into a brand new SUV. Also, they hold high-quality rental properties. They are rebuilding the Old town, but not in a sensitive way … so sad. I hope you had a good night’s sleep. Thanks, John for your support.

  4. Hej, Viveka! I think you understood the mission perfectly after all. Glad to be here again! I’ve just finished season 1 of Bron/Broen and now I read all your post in Swedish accent. 😀 Lovely glimpses and moments. I wish you a grand autumn.

    • Manja … thank you so much. Bron (the bridge) a fantastic series. You have been a busy lady. I wish you a pleasant autumn too … Thanks again for your so kind comment – so pleased to have your here.

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