tuesday photo challenge – tourism

Why call it tourist season if we can’t shoot them?”

Frank, has again given us a topic … that can make us spread our wings – and my wings will take you to Nice.

For over 40 years have I been thinking of visiting the Carnaval de Nice, but for some reason never got around to it … so this year 18th of February I boarded the Norwegian flight, D83640 for Nice and got a spectacular week. I enjoyed every minute as a tourist.  An awesome atmosphere (around 1 million visitors) and stunning spring weather up +22C.

In 1873, Andriot Saetone of Nice took the initiative of founding the “Committee of Festivities”, which, under the patronage of the municipality, was responsible for organizing and extending the festivities. Parades of floats, paying tribunes, a structured scenario … appeared. Thus on February 23, 1873, Carnival 1st entered the city.

The modern Carnival was born, to which Alexis Mossa and his son Gustave Adolf brought, until 1971, an astonishing particularity and a grotesque and fabulous relevance, creating the models for the most spectacular floats to parade in Nice.

The Carnaval is over the last 2 weeks in February … and there are 3 different parades, Carnival Parade of Lights ( 2 per week), Flower Parades (Bataille de Fleurs- 5000 fresh flowers used), and the Carnival Parade – Parada Nissarda.

Every year, a special theme is chosen, and traditional artists create 18 floats and other figurines in traditional papier-mâché for the colorful parade, some 1 000 musicians and dancers and fireworks. This year’s theme was “King of Hollywood” and for 2020 it will be “King of Fashion” and I will be there, already booked both flights and hotel room, 21/2-28/2. Can’t wait.

A bientôt, Nice

“We Will Rock You” is the offical song for the Carnaval de Nice – and they do … both in sunshine and moonlight.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Tourism



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