lens-artists photo challenge #64: countryside

Amy, the countryside in my county Skåne (Scania) is very open … it’s a farmer county. Here we grow apples, grapes, sugar beets, leek, strawberries, onion, flax, potatoes, salix, corn, gains, pees, and of course rapeseed. We have about 7999 farms that employes 20 918 people, and 431 510 hectares (1.066284Acre/s) of arable land. (2005 figures) We are a population of 1.35 million (2019) on an area of  11,303 km² (2.793032Acre/s) and the county has 33 municipalities.

“Skåne is the best on earth – in all of Sweden
Fantastic is it ‘s soil, especially in Skåne.
Huge quantities of vegetables, fruits, and berries are grown, grown and harvested in Sweden.
And almost everything comes from the Scania – in record quantities” (text; Dagens Nyheter).

For me the most beautiful period of our year here in Skåne is when the rapeseed is blooming – our open landscape is just breathtaking and against the blue sky, it can’t become more Swedish.

“I feel best in open countryside,
Near the sea, I want to stay
A few months a year,
So that the soul can rest.

“Where the winds get up.
There, the larks are high in the sky
And sings wonderfully.

“I thrive in peace and freedom,
For both body and soul.
No one comes near me,
Who closes in to steal”

“I feel best when day breaks,
When the fields are filled with light.
When the cock crows in the distance,
When it is far to the nearest house
But still so close”

“With clear and simple, will prevail as it wants.
When yes is yes and no is no,
And doubts remain silent.”

The text I have used the lyrics from a song from the Swedish artist, Ulf Lundell … “Öppna Landskap” (Open Landscape). The translation is made by lyricstranslate.com


29 thoughts on “lens-artists photo challenge #64: countryside

  1. Ah… “So the soul can rest…”. Beautiful colors and views of countryside via your lens. They go perfectly with the lyrics and the music. 🙂

    • Amy, thank you so much – I just love our county and especially in the end of May when the rapeseed is blooming … I wish the song was recorded on English by Ulf. Such beautiful lyrics!

    • Thank you so much! Yes, it’s a fantastically beautiful lovely combination, but for me as a Swede … Blue & Yellow is softer to eye, soul and heart and out off they the two we get the magical GREEN!

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