my music moods (go global – I)

In this post am I going to use 6 tracks (2 posts) that are very special to me. Some I have met through my travel and some I just connect with the special countries with.

Poland is one of my favorite destinations.  Been to Warsaw, Łódź, Kraków, Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia, and this summer Szczecin. And some of the places I been more than once and twice. Poland has it all … history, culture, nature, architecture, friendliness, great food, hospitality and as a Swede do I get a lot for my money.  In November am I going back to Gdańsk for some culture, see my friends and great food.

“Niech mówią, że to nie jest miłość ”
(Let them say it’s not love)
Piotr Rubik

  • “Niech mówią, że to nie jest miłość ” ((Let them say it’s not love) – is a song that I have come across online and love at more or less at the first tune.
  • Artists: Olga Szomańska and Przemysław Branny
  • Composed by Piotr Rubik (1968) is a Polish composer of symphonic pop music for orchestra, films, and theatre.
  • He learned to play the cello from the age of 7, went on to a musical secondary school, and then studied at the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw.
  • Later he became a member of the world-class orchestra Jeunesses Musicales.
  • He studied film score composition in Siena, Italy, under Ennio Morricone.
  • His magnum opus to date is the oratorio Tu Es Petrus, Latin for “You Are Peter”, which he dedicated to Pope John Paul II.
  • This song appears on the album Tu Es Petrus (2005) and has become one of his most popular and won the first place and the title of the Summer Hit at the Jedynki Festival in Sopot in 2005.
  • The album was recorded during the premiere in, 2005 in the Amphitheater in Kadzielnia in Kielce.
  • Recognized as the best Polish song of all time in the Radio Zet’s poll.
  • I plan to one day to enjoy Piotr Rubik alive. Now in August there was two, unique concerts. His story plus the most beautiful carols with Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic in Białystok.  I want to wait until he performs in more accessible places.

“They say, they say
They say it is not love, not
That it just seems, it seems to them
That they will not make up in any more
They say, say
They say it all will end in
Beads of Common Years and Winter
Photos, where it’s forever with him”

There wasn’t a lot of music around in Dubai, not in lifts, shopping malls or restaurants …. but this I heard during our visit to Kite Beach. I went up to the young men that were playing it from their smartphone and ask for the details, they were very pleased to hand over them.

Sami Yusuf / Nazeel Azami

  • The singer is Nazeel Azami an English singer-songwriter and teacher.
  • Azami is of Bangladeshi descent. He went to a primary school in London, secondary schools in three countries, and graduated with a BSc in Physics with Business and Management, and PGCE from the University of Manchester.
  • Azami developed his musical talent at a very young age after his mother encouraged him to memorize and recite spiritual poetry and songs, old and new.
  • In September 2006, Azami’s debut album Dunya was released by Awakening Records.
  • Dunya combines different languages, themes, and cultures, and expresses pain as well as joy.
  • “Rahmanur-Rahim” is one of the tracks from that album.
“Manil Muhiy? Allah
Manil Mumit? Allah
Manil Hadi? Allah
{ Who is the Giver of Life? Allah
Who is the giver of Death? Allah
Who is the Giver of Guidance? Allah}
Rahmanur Rahim, Allah
Ya Karim, Allah
Rahmanur Rahim, Allah
Ya Halim, Allah”

This song did I heard everywhere in Tbilisi during my Christmas there last year. From the start it made me feel so happy. I just love it … and I’m able to use the steps I learned for the weddings I was at in Kosovo, 2016.

Very hard to get any information about the song or the artist.

“Adyghe Djegu”

  • The artist is Thakumache Aslan. No information what so ever about the artist on Google.
  • “Adyghe Djegu” (play) which means something about getting together … a gathering.
  • There is no real need for an excuse to dance; anywhere is fine so long as the musicians are there and there is enough space.
  • The song is played at weddings.
  • Circassian music is the music of the Circassians, people from Northern Caucasus, Russia. Their music demonstrates their traditions and habits.
  • This song has the same effect on me as … the pub music in Ireland has, it make me feel good and its hard to keep the feet still.

“Just when you think we’re living in a little bit of a divided world,
music brings us together.”
Luis Fonsi



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