turb surgery or porto ???? porto of course!!!!!!


.. got a phone call on Monday from our hospital here in Landskrona, that I should have a TURB surgery on 2th of September … so loads of tests had to be done before that.

I became totally stressed out yesterday when not all the papers I need for the labs .. hadn’t arrived by noon. Started to phone around and chase them. 1pm the arrived and when I got all the information about the operation and especially all the information about what I can and can not do after the operation … I became even more stressed out. Because I have Porto booked on the 9th. A heavy suitcase was one thing I’m not allowed to lift.

So I talked to operation co-ordinator and she said that she will talk to the doctor and that I should come up after all the tests were done today. Which I did and she informed me that that the doctor had said that my health should come first. So I postponed the operation to after Porto.

Had a tough 3 months with my bladder … been on antibiotics for nearly 12 weeks and what difference will 3 weeks do?? I had this red sport probably for years now.

Suddenly everything happens in such a rush … has the spot become bigger … have they told me everything????!!!

I guess that its a burn damage from my radiotherapy … and I hope it is so too, even if that can be serious enough – don’t have a clue how they will fix that.

To be honest I don’t have a clue how to handle if it something more serious … but even if …. I think a week in Porto will not make it a lot different to the outcome or the following treatment.

So I put my health on hold until 23rd of September and hope for the best. Maybe it’s not the right decision, but I feel it’s the right for me.

I wasn’t mentally prepared for the surgery neither, it happens all too fast and all the doctor has said that we have to do a TURB surgery to check out what that red spot is all about.

Porto, here I come!!

“We have to be healthy
to be sick”
Viveka Gustavson

17 thoughts on “turb surgery or porto ???? porto of course!!!!!!

    • Tish, thank you so much for your support … of course, I’m a bit worried over my “stupid” decision, but I’m not mentally prepared for operation and also I’m not allowed to take any vitamin supplements 7 days before the operation and I have been doing that. So that has meant that I wasn’t able to have to wait until 7th before I could have the surgery anyway.

  1. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    oh, my goodness! What comes next?
    I hope you will enjoy Porto even more, now that you know you will have to go into surgery on 23rd September.
    Hope they give you enough medication so that you can enjoy your trip!!!
    Many hugs and get well.
    xo 🙂

    • Thank you, Dia … my doctor is not pleased with me going, so I have to survive on the pills I have … which I think I will. The problem is that I’m going against my doctor’s advice, so no insurance will cover and also that I had the problems before I went on holiday. The good thing is that Portugal is in the EU, so if something happens my EU card will take care of it. I must admit I’m a bit worried … but I’m so sick of being sick. I will take it easy and it’s not that warm down there anymore.
      Many hugs in return. I will drink a Porto tónico for my absent friends the first evening. BedtimeHug.

  2. Have a great time in Porto Wivi. I totally understand why you have made the decision to go there 1st then have your operation. Take care of yourself lots of love xxxx

    • Thank you, Trudi … I must admit that I’m a bit worried because I’m going against doctors advice – but at the same time I feel that I’m doing the right thing for my soul and heart.

  3. Good luck Viveka. Sometimes we have to take chances in life. If my husband cancelled Italy or London because of his illness he would have regretted his decision. He had a few uncomfortable moments on both these trips but the memories of the good times surpassed the bad. Enjoy the trip.

    • Thanks you so much, Carol, I remember your trip to Italy and London. Mostly because Italy was so warm. I understand what you mean. I look at as such … if my bladder problem is a serious thing, at least I have the week in my beloved Porto to fall back on. *smile

  4. Enjoy your holiday and I hope all will be well on your return, we are both thinking of you, Cheers Moira and John xx🍷😀🥂

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