to all the men – my shades … (volume 1)

“To all the men I’ve loved before
Who traveled in and out my door
I’m glad they came along
I dedicate this post
To all the men I’ve loved before”

Yesterday when I sitting in our fantastic backyard enjoy the sunshine … and listen to one of the playlists on my mobile …  the playlist had quite a few songs connected to some of the men in my life and I got the idea to this post.

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If somebody asked how many lovers I had … so far, I doubt it will be any more *laughing … I couldn’t say, but it’s more than a hand full. A lot more. Never been married, it never been on my do-list. Maybe all my mum’s failed marriages (4) had something to do with it. Neither have any of my friends proven to me that it works, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t had affection, love, tenderness and great sex, far from it and I have been missed and thought of.


Today I’m old enough to be able to share and feel very comfortable about telling the stories. And don’t think my 2 posts will reach any “Shade of Greys” level.


I had mad passion a couple of times in my life, 2 “pretty woman” experiences, I have been engaged twice, I had some fantastic adventures … and some less fantastic, but I wouldn’t like to be without any of them .. because they have colored my life and made me to the woman I’m today.

I don’t have a clue if this can be of interest for anyone … but let me start, I’m not going to introduce all of them. Only the best.


My first love, I met when I was 6 years old and when he moved into the house next to my grandparents in Höör. Tommy, I had a crush on him since the first day. He wasn’t always nice to me when we were kids, but love starts with a throw somebody has said. In 1963 I moved to my mum living in Gothenburg and then things started to happens between us.

In 1969 just before Easter he had finished his military duties and had just collected his beloved Austin Martin, that had been deregistered while he did his 18 months in the military. He never came home, he cashed with his car – single accident. The love I never have been able to let go. He became only 21.


Claes, my first love … in Gothenburg, He worked opposite where we live. Mum said that she never had so clean windows again. Claes was 10 years older. Very nice guy. But I was too young for him.


Terje, a tall very handsome Norwegian guy .. that I met while I was out dancing with my girlfriends. Together did we the club scene in Gothenburg and scrubbed our shoulders both with the Rolling Stones and the Animals.


I thought he really fancied me because he said all the time that he thought I was such a “rar” – sweet girl. But “rar” in Norwegian means strange in Swedish, but we had a fantastic fun time together. Don’t know what happened there. Terje told me that he didn’t like kissing girls with lipstick on and I haven’t worn a lipstick since then.


A second Tommy, that I met when I decide to go out and dance on my own one Sunday evening in Gothenburg.  One of the most handsome men I ever laid eyes on and he danced like a god. Tommy really liked me and I adored him. Head over heel both of us.


He was home on his Christmas break from his forest caretaker studies and at the end of January was he going back to school up in the Northern part of Sweden and he asked me time and time, please write to me .. and I promised. But I never wrote that letter because I liked him so much I didn’t know what to write. I often think about that letter I never wrote and deeply regret it.

©irish time

Then there was this boyfriend Anders, that often said that I was kissing with a cobra’s speed??????!!!!  *laughing …

Now we come to my first “Pretty Woman” experience … every young woman should have a “Pretty Woman” experience in her life. WOoOoOOow! Bryon, handsome, urbane … intellenegent … fun,  elegant and sophisticated … a rich enough Greek that smelled so good, he used Old Spice. 8 years older than me. He danced like Fred Astaire.


It was in August 1972 and I was on 3 weeks holiday in Monte Carlo. Had been saving up to be able to visit the Olympic Games in Munich, but when I got around to book .. everything was sold out. So I put all my savings into a marvelous holiday in Monte Carlo.


Byron and I met when I was out with Swedish girl that I met on a tour to St, Tropez. We were on this fancy nightclub (still going strong – The Living Room) and there was Byron with his friends .. and we left together to drive to my hotel in his Jaguar E-type. I was besotted already then. He was the marine director for Olympic Maritime, Onassis shipping company that had its head office in Monte Carlo, but Onassis was banded from visiting Monte-Carlo.


For 4 years we were in each life … he visited me in Sweden, once for Christmas … but I was the one with the travelcard to Nice and Monte Carlo. I promise I didn’t mind. I always knew that he had other ladies in his life … and the distance leads to that … we saw less and less of each other. There was never a breakup between us.


He moved back to his beloved Greece and Athens in 1976 .. I visited him there, but he was called away for a job (he had his own company then) and I was left alone in his fantastic Kolonaki apartment and with his yacht “Coca Cola” for 3 months … we talked twice after I returned to Sweden and the following year I got the news that he had died. He became my life mentor.


Byron taught me everything about the good things in life and how to enjoy it … wining and dining, ballet, art .. opera … travel … dance and sex. What a man. He even tried to make me like oysters, but he had very little luck with that.


My second “Pretty Woman” experience I had while working aboard the little cruise liner “Lindblad Explorer”, April 1978.


Andrea, a married Italian businessman. A real gentleman. We met in Hong Kong when all the girls onboard had a night out on a very nice Spanish restaurant and afterward, we ended up at Sheratons top-floor nightclub. We came to Hong Kong twice a month to change passengers … and we also went on a weeks refit there. Every time we docked a big bouquet of red roses arrived from Andrea and many times I was standing in his hotel’s elevator still in my evening outfit the following morning.


Once after a fantastic dinner I wanted to take a walk … and his chauffeur and the Bentley was driving close to us the whole time, that is a true Pretty Woman experience. He was married … we were in Hong Kong and I signed off in June … and after a wonderful week with him, I returned home to Sweden and .. that was the end of the roses, great wines, and the Bentley. Andrea, became my guilty pleasure, especially when his wife phoned him every night 3am from Rome and I was next to him. Sorry!!!!


The most passionate romance I ever had, it started just before I signed on “Lindblad Explorer” for 12 months. I was already in a relationship with Hans, haven’t come to him yet … but I couldn’t help myself. Peter!!!!! Peter blow the sock and the rest of me already the first night and for a couple of weeks before I boarded that flight to Vancouver and Prince Rupert.

He is the best lover I ever had … and we most times we made love with Gustav Mahler’s 5th symphony in the background. It was totally mad and I enjoyed every minute we had together. It was like it was only him and me in the whole world, totally consumed with each other. Everything stopped, except time. Days and nights of ecstasy.

©KLM blog

Our last time the evening before I was leaving … we both cried.  We both knew that with me leaving it was the end of the magic. We never talked or met again.

My two main men … both finances???!!! I have to come back with Hans and Torbjörn plus that wonderful Boston lawyer, John which I had a short romance with while living in Belfast, my last proper romance.


“You’re that part of me I’ll always need.”

22 thoughts on “to all the men – my shades … (volume 1)

    • You know, that is what Ann-Christine tells me. She is willing to be my ghost-writer. Tina, I wouldn’t know where to start. I have been around the block so many times. *laughing … so glad you enjoyed my first “volume”.

  1. 🙂 I’m sitting here with the biggest imaginable smile on my face!
    Congratulations to all the romance and love in your life, dear Wivi! Terrific!
    Slep tight and sweet dreams 🙂
    Big hugs xo 🙂

    • Dia, you’re such a sweetheart … thank you so much. Yes, been around the block quite a few times and … I ben luck with most *smile
      I wish you a pleasant week … AVERYhotMorningHug.

  2. Viveka – I told you to write the first chapter…there are so many chapters in your life – filled to the brim with Love and Imagination, with a Life so Full of Life! Go on! I promised you to be your ghost(!) and I still would love to do it! ♥ Just send me chapters and I will read. And do. And love!

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