a photo a week challenge: what’s for dinner

Thank you, Nancy…. for this week you played it straight into my hands (a retired chef), but also given me a headache …. what I’m going to serve????!!

Chicken Tagine with Bacon, Sweet Potato, 
Mini Onions, Prunes and Cinnamon

It is not my own recipe … I “borrowed” from a blogging sister, Antoinette@cooking-spree. But most recipes are “borrowed” somehow.

Original the recipe was vegetarian, but I added bacon and chicken to it and I used fresh lemon.

Most ingredients I already had at home … if I don’t remember wrongly had I buy sweet potato, mini onions, fresh coriander, and mint.

When I look at the images again now … I can remember the smell.

Only regret I didn’t do more – because it just disappeared on my plate. Without any problems could I have done a second sitting. So flavorful and colorful as Morocco itself.

I think it’s time to make it again because I made this in February 2013 the first time. Done it twice.

“Without fingers, the hand would be a spoon.”
Moroccan Proverb


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