lens-artists photo challenge; #59 – angles

Angles …. that is my thing … I always tilt the camera.

Brilliant topic, Ann-Christine.!!!

So I’m going to put my favorite bright lights city – Chicago – on an angle!

Chicago and I meet by accident at the end of May 2000. All because I gave up my seat on my return flight back from New York in March and got a voucher for 500$ and when I phoned the airline about how to claim .. I hadn’t really decided where to or when I wanted to use it.

The young lady I talked to … suggested Chicago, that I knew very little about … only Frank’s version really and the medical drama ER. So we decided there and then dates and everything. So it was down to me to find a hotel.

Didn’t really know what to expect and in the taxi from O’Hare International Airport to my hotel and when we passed the then Sears Tower (Wallis tower today) I knew that Chicago and I will just get along fine.

Since then I have been back 4 more times … and we still love each other dearly. It after my visit to Chicago 2012 that I started tilting my camera … all down to the images that Hyatt Regency Chicago use in hallways and rooms, taken by a local photographer and all of them captured Chicago on an angle. The images here are from my last visit in September 2014.

I’m longing more or less every year, but now the city has become far too expensive when it comes to the pillows … the dollar is too strong against my krona. Maybe it will change and then I will be back straight away.

What I love about Chicago … the people, everything free that the city offers, the airiness, the music, the architecture, the food, the wind (even if I had some wind-free hot days in the city) … lake Michigan, Chicago River, the loop – just everything about it.

Never visit Chicago during the winter … and I think I will jump that because what I have read and seen can it be tough on the toughest.

“Going to Chicago was like going out of the world.”
Muddy Waters


31 thoughts on “lens-artists photo challenge; #59 – angles

  1. I knew this challenge was for you – master and chef of all angles! And I know you love Chicago – so grateful for a visit (through your Oscar) to a city I will never see myself. Just lovely!

    • Thank you, Tina …. for your kind comment. Totally agree with you about a really great city. Adventurer, maybe I’m … not really worried about going to new places, so long everything around the visit is well organized and that is all down to myself. Looking at Baku, Azerbaijan just now. A very interesting city where very old meets ultra-modern. Looking for Christmas 2020. Well ahead of time. *laughing
      I like everything in order … so I wouldn’t throw myself out of a plane or something like that.

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    • Thank you, John … the bean isn’t easy to capture, because of all the people under and around it. So I went for the reflections instead. Chicago is a very photogenic city.

    • Jo, thank you so much … you know the brand of antibiotics I have been put on … there is no stock in any pharmacy in Landskrona. Unbelievable. So I’m not back on them … and in a couple of hours have a date with my doctor. But I feel okay. Thank you so much for … your thoughtfulness. FridayHug

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