szczecin – the world needed more fireworks …

…. at least during one August weekend in Szczecin every year. Fireworks are my true guilty pleasure, I feel like a child again when I enjoy them … and afterward, I think about all the money that has gone up in smoke the last 20 min … that could be done so much better-needed things with.

Found out about this firework festival online more or less by accident … was looking for different interesting events in Europe during the year. And because Poland is one of my favorite destinations … did I look into it a bit more … and introduced to my good friend and blogging sister Ann-Christine@LEYA. And both she and her husband Lars was up for it.

What I understand is there firework championship takes place in many places in Poland leading up to the Grand Finale in Szczecin – this years winner was Team France. We saw 4 fireworks displays – 2 per evening. And Poland as host will be showing off too and the last display. They were all spectacular.

Our second day … not so good for me … had a terrible night with severe pain in and around my bladder, so I decided that it was going to be ER for me after breakfast. Our host was so kind as to find a hospital and arrange a taxi for me.

Arrived at the ER 11.30am and came in straight away … got tests done, ultrasound and x-rays on x=rays … and analgesic drip. The hospital arrange a taxi for me … and I went straight to the pharmacy, it had by then become around 6am. From the pharmacy did I walk back to the apartment, a walk that never seemed to end.

Ann-Christine and Lars had been up to museum visits and a harbor tour while I been at the hospital, it was again a very hot day. A-C had got some cracking images from the water sports events that happened during the day in the harbor.

8pm was I sort of fit for a nice meal on the quayside – just we girls. Beautiful evening … so warm and pleasant. So much people around … and no drunkness, shouting och fighting.

Stockholm Kitchen and Bar is located on the quayside of West Order bank, I suppose it’s a Swedish restaurant, but they didn’t have that many Swedish dishes – the gravlax was of course on the menu.  I choose the restaurant for its location plus it had very good reviews.

We both had the same; a cocktail called Hugo (great), tuna steak with avocado salsa on black rice (very-very nice) … with a nice chilled white … chocolate cake in the company of a good cappuccino. They served their fizzy table water in a carafe with fresh berries, mint, and lemon … such a lovely touch.

9.30pm Lars join us, he had been to a concert in the cathedral.

So my day as a tourist was very short, but the dinner … with a people-watching, the company and the firework displays in a pleasant “temperatured” evening made up for it.

Fireworks isn’t Oscar’s strongest side … and not mine either, but we always try our best.

“The world needed more fireworks –
especially now that there was going to be a shortage of beautiful, useless things.”
Scott Westerfeld

18 thoughts on “szczecin – the world needed more fireworks …

  1. I know just how you feel about fireworks 🙂 🙂 Such a terrible waste but so thrilling to see a good display! Sorry about the pain and hopefully they’ve got you sorted out for a little while. Hugs, darlin!

    • Jo, thank you … feeling a lot better now – the medicine they gave me in Poland worked a lot better then what I got here in Sweden the last 2 months. Back with my doctor on Friday. It seems like the inflammation is gone now – at least I hope so. Hugs back!!!
      I get so guilty after enjoying a great firework.

  2. Smashing post – and reminder of your terrible night, Viveka! But we had the best of company and the best of food – you are such a great “hostess” and guide! Thank you again for taking us! And I know how well treated you weret at the hospital. Like you, I love Poland. For its people, good food and beautiful cities. And for getting much for the money spent. Gorgeous shots – except the one with me in it. I always hate that…But Oscar is a gentleman.

    • A-C, the pleasure is all mine. Had a brilliant time with you, guys! Thank you for being so supported when I struggled. Yes, Poland has super hospitality and so much history to offer. And so affordable. You’re very photogenic … but I know where you are coming from. Hate to be in pictures. But the experts say that we have to accept our own image before becoming a good photographer. Maybe that’s true … in that case, I stay as a happy half-measured one. The image of you guys I really like.

    • Firework is a fantastic spectacular – and extremely hard to capture, out of maybe 120 images in total maybe 20 is okay, the last evening I put Oscar on sports mode and they came out a lot better. ThAaAaaaaAAnks! TimeForBed Hug

    • Amy, a hearty thanks! It was very fun and enjoyable. You have made my day … I’m glad I put Oscar on sports mode, otherwise, I wouldn’t have any showable images. Still, maybe only 3% of all my shots are useable.

  3. oh what a great time you all had! i love watching display of fireworks, it really brings out the kid in us! i love poland. been there once and i hope to go back again! maybe someday! 🙂 glad that you’re feeling better now! take care 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you, Lola … Poland is such a great and pleasant country with so much history to show us … plus it’s very affordable. I go at least once a year.
      Thanks, feeling a lot better … but the doctors office phone me yesterday and told me to go back on the antibiotics, because the infection is still there. Believe it or not … not one pharmacy in our town have the antibiotic in stock – not available with the supplier??????!!!!

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