impatience should be my first name

Typical me … I’m just like my mum if I made up my mind  … it has to happen at once. No hanging around and I have never been sitting on a fence. “Determination” should be my surname *laughing

In my post, yesterday lens-artists challenge #53 – your choice I mention that I was thinking of spending some money to be able to enjoy “Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet” alive … and that I have been chasing their tour program with the help of Google. Not much information on their website, but I don’t give up that easy. And after one hour of searching, I found the right webpage – It looks like they have two websites????!!!!


And I found out that they are touring most of the Baltic countries, this autumn. Not so far from Sweden, a couple of hours flight.

I had the options of Prague, Riga, Szczecin and Gdynia. Prague I know quite well, Riga I never been to, same with Szczecin but am I going to in August together with Ann Christine@Leya and her hubby Lars for the World championship in fireworks … and Gdynia I been to for a day, but I know Gdańsk very well and it’s only 1 hour flight time.  Plus I have good friends living in just outside Gdańsk.


So it became all down to the final damage … so I chose their show at Gdynia Area 6th November. Everything booked this afternoon, even airport transportation. It became nearly 200€ cheaper than Prague and 100€ than Riga and Szczecin. Gdynia Area is about 60 min away from Gdańsk with direct train and 15 min walking.

The show ticket was nearly only half price to Prague and Riga??????


I will be flying Wizz Air to Gdansk airport .. and SAS home, because Wizz Air had such an early flight back to Malmö. Not good with too early flights. *smile

And I need SAS to keep on going, have to put some money into our national airline. To be honest I need points!!!!!! It became a little bit more expensive, 37€ but I can enjoy my breakfast and do the packing in the morning.


I have found a fantastic studio with located on the main street Ulica Długa in the Gdańsk old town and with “booking” say a fantastic breakfast that is included, Apartamenty Sowa Gdańsk

Got 4 nights for SEK 1 489/598/$148/132€/£188 – a fantastic bargain, even if it’s offseason … Gdansk is always popular, especially with us Scandinavians. The Norwegian ladies come with empty suitcases and do some serious shopping at the big shopping malls outside the city, the whole year around.

©Oscar image

Gdańsk is a very nice, beautiful and friendly city … with a great choice of restaurants and bars. In 2017 itself 2,660,306 visitors came to Gdańsk. The old town is stunningly beautiful. When visiting Gdansk, you may feel that you are carried back to the Middle Ages, and even though substantial parts of the town consist of reconstructions from after WWII.

©Oscar image

The old town is one of Europe’s largest historical centres. More than 30% of the streets have had the same names for more than 500 years.

©Oscar image

I really wanted to stay at my favourite destination, Sopot – that lays in between Gdańsk and Gdynia, but the airport transport is so expensive, can only use a taxi to get there if I don’t want to spend one hour on a bus while cruising the Pomeranian Voivodeship countryside. Gdańsk is a lot more convenient.

©Oscar image

The total damage with pillows, breakfast, wifi, show, flights and all airport transport will come to 3 500 SEK/£370/330€/£295. I feel very happy with that amount.


I would have loved to see the ballet on their own stage, Suxishvilebis Studia, in Tbilisi, but they always seem to be on tour. When I visit Tbilisi last year they were in New York and I guess that when I’m back in Tbilisi next year in April, they will be on tour somewhere in the world.


Founded by Iliko Sukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili in 1945, it was initially named as the Georgian State Dance Company. Thanks to this company the Georgian national dancing and music has become known in most parts of the world.

©Georgian Tour

Throughout its history, the Georgian National Ballet has appeared at the Albert Hall, The Coliseum, The Metropolitan Opera and Madison Square Garden, among others. In 1967, La Scala welcomed them – reportedly the first and the only time a folklore group was given a chance to perform on its stage.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Fidel Castro, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Pele, Frank Sinatra, Jean Gabin, Brigitte Bardot, Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin, and now Keira Knightley, Sting and many others were the admirers of the “Sukhishvili” Ballet.

Another …. to tick off on my bucket list. Plus something to break up waiting time from my September week in Porto and the Christmas in Istanbul.

“Impatience can cause wise people to do foolish things. ” 
Janette Oke





11 thoughts on “impatience should be my first name

    • Come with me???? It will be what I make into. *smile – Would love your company for a couple of days in beautiful Gdansk. TimeForTVHug

  1. I wondered where you were off to. Meg made Gdansk look very beautiful. 🙂 🙂 A day after my birthday. No idea where I’ll be, but probably here.

    • Was it your birthday yesterday … or do I mean in November???? Yes, Meg did a fantastic post about Gdansk … but what was wrong with all mine??? *crying

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