lens-artists challenge #52 – serenity

“What draws us into the desert is the search
for something intimate in the remote.”
Edward Abbey

For me was the early morning desert safari during our visit to Dubai the ultimate serenity experience I had so far.

Just magical!!!

We were pick up 05.00am at our hotel … it was dark outside and chilly. After a 40 min drive we sitting there on blankets waiting for the sunrise … drinking Arabic coffee.

It truly felt like we 10 (2 cars) were the only people in the world. Not a sound … nothing!!!

I can’t interpret in words … how I felt and how strong the experience was for me. Tom Hanks quotes below explains some of it.

“The desert, when the sun comes up.
I couldn’t tell where heaven stopped and the Earth began.”
Tom Hanks

“A desert is a place without expectation.”
Nadine Gordimer

 As cloud for the post I have a chosen a song by title “I was very hard” (محمد هشام رجب) preformed by a young Egyptian singer by name Mohamed Hesham Ragab. I know nothing about th song or the singer, more than I love the soft tone the music has.


29 thoughts on “lens-artists challenge #52 – serenity

    • Tina, never had a beautiful experience like that. It’s to 100 with nature and life. You know what I mean. If I lived in a country with the desert close by … would I be out there so often as possible in the mornings. Total healing. Thank for your kind words.

    • Patti, I’m sure that you will get the same experience in any desert. Dubai was okay … but it wasn’t mindblowing. Been there, but I didn’t get the T-shirt. Thank you so much for your support.

      • Interesting, Viveka. Sometimes the “hype” doesn’t equal the experience. I’ve had that same feeling too on some trips and then other times, I completely surprised and delighted.

      • Dubai, have it’s points … but it’s the distances to everything that kills it. I totally agree with you. It was like when I visit Tbilisi last year … didn’t expect anything and it blow the socks of me. Same with Marrakesh. then there is Paris that I don’t agree at all with.

      • The Parisians don’t like tourists and still they live on us. The city is beautiful. Venice is not on my do-it-list … just a expensive tourist trap. Buildings are beautiful … but there is stunning buildings all over Europe. Especially Poland, one of my favorite countries.

  1. Beautiful. Nothing like the desert in the cool of morning. I lived near Nevada desert for awhile. A thousand shades of beautiful brown, I’d often say.

    • John, I couldn’t agree more with you. Been to Navada … Las Vegas, but I never went out into the desert. I should have done. Thank you so much, John. We have a lot to offer in Sweden but we don’t have any desert yet … but I think the climate is working on it .. because this is our second too HOOOOOOOt summer. They are talking about rain for the week coming. The nature is screaming for it.

  2. What an experience being in desert, especially watching the sunrise. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Beautiful photos!

    • Amy, my pleasure …. I have lost my SD card from the trip … so I had to use images I already been using. I truly wish that we all should get a chance to experience the sunrise out in the desert. Dark and cold … and then the light arrives, so red as the sand. Amy, thank you for your lovely comment.

      • So sorry to hear about your SD card. I know how devastating it is since it happened to me once.
        It sounds so magical! Thank you for sharing.

      • Amy. I’m gutted over the lost … Hong Kong, Dubai and Macau is lost. But my friend didn’t lose it on purpose and after all it’s only a SD, could be a lot worst.

  3. Oh, gorgeous, Viveka – and I know that feeling…from our camp in Morocco. You illustrate it very beautifully. The sunset was great, but the sunrise was otherworldly. Unforgettable. I agree that it cannot be compared to anything else.

    • I thought about you and your night out in the desert in Morocco, when I did my post. I though that you must have felt the same as I did. There was no start and no ending. It just was there and then. Utterly beautiful. A hearty thanks, A-C!

    • Lola, I have never felt so close to nature and life as I did there and than. I’m not a religious person, but it’s was a very spiritual morning.

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